Reputation Management

You built your business from the ground up and have been working tirelessly to grow the company and preserve a spotless reputation and then, that changes. An irate customer begins leaving negative reviews or there is an unfavorable news report, both of these may create a misleading impression when online users view the search results. This is an unfortunate reality and SEO911 has plenty of experience in resolving such issues. Adding your own voice to the conversation is the key.

Best course of action is to begin immediately, to identify the damage done, analyze how extensive it is and address the issue. We start by building more favorable web properties. By utilizing multiple social media assets, we proceed to fill the search results with positive, relevant data about your company and push the less than favorable search results into the background. When a site with positive reviews meets the criteria a search engine is looking for to earn it high reviews, that website will show up ahead. The objective is to make sites that benefit your company rank higher than the sites that may negatively affect your business. One way we do this is we promote any existing press releases or syndicated articles or create promotional articles ourselves. These articles give you a voice and possibly a rebuttal to any allegations or negative reviews that may be undeserved. With our in-house reputation management team, you will be able to have your side of the story heard, if your particular situation warrants it. Most times, it is best not to reply directly but just publish positive content. Utilizing numerous social media sites gives us direct control over the business profile that is already prominently featured in the search results. Sometimes, a reporter or a blogger that caused the damage may not have all the facts and their allegation is just false. We work to straighten out such mistakes online and promote the correct version. We also publish external articles with links which adds to your website’s ranking status. The more backlinks a website has, the better. In this manner we turn a negative event into one that benefits you. We continue to maintain the positive articles and social media profiles created and this contributes to the search engines ranking your site closer to the front page.

After determining the attributes that you want promoted in the search results we can create properties which you control. They will be fortified with link-building, further optimization efforts and the primary website’s authority. These are the immediate actions we take if your business’s reputation hits a snag. This process takes time, that’s why we begin work on building your new reputation right away and continue until it is restored.

It is important to monitor and consistently maintain a high ranking website and a good reputation. Depending on the industry, the weight a negative review carries may vary. Some are unavoidable and can be almost expected, such as if your business is on the controversial side. Other times, a negative review can have a severe impact. Continuous reputation management at SEO911 works to minimize the impact of any and all negative publicity.

Mobile Apps

Having a mobile friendly version of your website is more important than ever. Its increased importance began in March 2015 when Google modified their search engine to give higher priority to those websites that can transfer seamlessly between different devices. This is a high-impact change to the Google search engine that has significantly rearranged the order in which sites are pulled up. Google now pulls these apps through its organic search results by factoring in the content from those mobile applications when it determines the order of its mobile search results. Before this change, the app only surfaced if it was already installed on your device. This feature is called App Indexing and allows apps to be seen more prominently in the search listings. Basically, when performing a search on a mobile device using the Google search engine your results will not only include the web pages, but relevant content within the app as well.

The search engine crawlers rank the internal app screens via deep links and they can only do that if the mobile app has a corresponding web page. The modifications made to deep link changes have significantly impacted how this action is performed and requires corresponding changes to your online business website. A direct link to download the app on the primary website is one of the ways SEO911 increases your visibility online. Having links on your site leading to relevant pages such as blogs and additional information on the products you’re selling rates higher with the crawlers than website without those links.

A well-designed mobile application must have the following bare necessities. The content is well presented on the mobile device without needing to be pinched or zoomed to make it usable. It must be easily readable on small screens and be simple to navigate with a finger. When it is helpful to the user and is properly understood by the search engine, it is a successful mobile application. It’s important to note that the iOS app store search is known to be not that great, therefore it’s important to have your app be easy to find in other locations. Its design must include content that speaks to a search engine and gets pulled up when the relevant key words are entered.

It is estimated that over 86% of mobile usage is achieved through mobile apps. This means they are as important as the primary website itself, if not more. The site viewed on a large laptop screen, the site viewed on a cell phone screen and the mobile application must all be in tune with each other. We provide this overall holistic approach to maximize your visibility through Google, Yahoo and Bing. The potential client must readily recognize that it is the same company and be able to perform the same actions through all three mediums. In fact, according to research, younger users prefer to utilize mobile applications as opposed to the primary websites to conduct their business. As more emphasis is placed on mobile applications it’s increasingly important to make them user-friendly and readily accessible.

Mobile Optimization

In March 2015, Forbes published an article announcing that as of April 21st Google will begin using mobile-friendliness as a ranking metric in its search results. Websites that transfer seamlessly between laptops and phones will be closer to the first page following a keyword search than those web sites not modified to work as a mobile app. Whereas many of the modifications to Google’s search engine have only a low-weight impact, the effect of this particular change is significant.

In the present, sites that are only mobile-compatible versus mobile-optimized are behind the power curve. It was last year when phone internet searches surpassed those on desktops, and the shift is not slowing down. More than half of online purchases are made via mobile apps and with smartphones reaching 86% market penetration in the U.S. and U.K. the number of customers making their purchases with their smart phones is at its highest level yet. With so many options at a phone user’s fingertips, if the site they pull up is not functioning correctly it has become easier to open another site selling comparable products and complete the intended transaction there, than trying to make a malfunctioning one work. A mobile version of a website does not even have to have an actual error; If the site is loaded in a different format from the version the potential client saw on a laptop it could change their minds about making a purchase from that site.

There are a few ways to create a mobile-friendly website; responsive design, AMP, dynamic serving and mobile URLs. Responsive design is the method preferred by Google and therefore yields the most benefit because many of your potential clients are using that as a search engine. It carries no SEO risk, if anything, it benefits the site’s ranking. It is also cleaner to implement and update. Responsive design is compatible with other methods and is the one most commonly utilized.

Proper mobile optimization starts with a great website that can be viewed from any device without losing any functionality. The image of the site viewed with a smartphone is simply a miniature image of the website as it appears on a larger laptop screen. Statistically, mobile users consume a much larger amount of visual data, most notably, short video images. Adding short videos to websites that didn’t have them before is an important step in mobile optimization. SEO911 keeps on top of the latest online marketing news and any new techniques that may be applicable to our customers websites and overall SEO services. When a new trend in customer preferences becomes apparent, SEO911 analyzes the impact it could have and if it could benefit the client, if it can, then we make the necessary modifications to our customer’s websites.

SEO911 makes your Website Visible to over three billion mobile users. The mobile internet medium is slowly growing out of its infancy and an increasing number of businesses benefit from designing their websites to be accessible via mobile phones. As the number of smart phones is increasing, so is the number of websites that are compatible with mobile internet devices.

Response Design

A response web design or RWD is one of the best types of architectural setups available for a website. It uses CSS3, which is a language for describing the presentation of web pages, it is used to craft fluid grids and fluid images to adapt the layout of the site to the viewing environment. A response design website is what allows for the seamless transition between viewing the site through a phone, a tablet or a computer. It fits multiple screen sizes without loss of function. This design retains the same domain, same content and same syntax which are more or less manipulated by JavaScript and/or CSS3 Media Queries, allowing for the multiple point of views. Some more reasons why this type of design provides the best user experience is its ease of navigation, a simplistic and a useful construction, the adaptive orientation and resolution, as well as its incredibly fast loading speeds. This type of web design is broad-reaching and works with many different types of industry specific websites.

Google gives a higher ranking to RWD websites and there are a number of other advantages as well. Because there is only one website to maintain, it saves money. A modification to the site, publishing new content or any updates to the existing design need to only be done once and it will take effect across all available platforms without the need to modify several versions of the same site. Needing to view only one site is also the reason RWD helps your SEO efforts. Response design websites maintain the same order for pages and services regardless of the size of the screen from which they are viewed. It’s more efficient for the web crawler to do its job on a single site, as opposed to more than one version of that same site. The extra SEM features that were added during the creation of the site are transmitted to the mobile visitors and is another reason it does better in the organic search results. By proper planning for a well-designed RWD site, especially when using the mobile-first approach, the result is a cleaner, and therefore quicker performing code on mobile and stationary devices.

A well designed, adaptive website is what will draw the customer in and keep them on your site. How many times have you tried to make a purchase from a website advertising bargain pricing only to run into a glitch that prevented you from completing the purchase? It could be a perfectly good cc# not going through, the next page button not working or a discrepancy between when you viewed the site on your computer and then tried to make a purchase from your phone. The items that were prominently featured on the desktop version of the site didn’t load on the mobile version. There is also the problem when the mobile font is so small that it’s unreadable, making the site useless. With a response design website these are problems of the past, the underlying structure of this type of web design makes these type of problems obsolete (well, the cc# issue might persist, but it won’t be because of the site’s design!)

Interactive Web Design

Interaction is the essence of all user experiences. It is the conversation between your product and your user, and if the conversation is boring, your user will leave and talk to someone more interesting, team. The design of a web page is very important; it is your showroom and there is a twofold process to make is successful. One part is keeping the potential client engaged and the second is how easy that potential client can find it online. There are some elements that need to be standard to every site; an appealing and interesting web design, ease of navigation, and having current, trustworthy and unique content. The public uses various devices to search for products they need, and therefore it is important for the site to function across multiple platforms. It needs to maintain the same format and same level of interactivity whether a laptop, a tablet or a phone is being used to access it.

According to a Stanford study, 75% of the population judge the credibility of a business by the design of their website. It is therefore important to regularly update the site by adding fresh content that is relevant and engaging. Maintaining an informative site will have people remembering it and returning.

Every website we design is unique to the business, tailored to your individual company and the image it wants to portray. Who is the audience and how do you want them to feel about you? Every site we build is designed to portray the kind of company people want to do business with. By designing a great interactive design website, we help you accomplish the goals you have for your business. Every site is built to be user-friendly and to inspire action. In addition, a well-organized, coherent site that has plenty of backlinks to credible sites with a good reputation is recognized and promoted by the Google search engine. By promotion we mean it will more readily be pulled up when the customer enters the keywords associated with your business.

There are various tools used to add layers of engagement to the user experience. They can be sliding interactions, scroll events, hover states, as well as audio or video media. Depending on the individual site, we utilize these tools and others when appropriate based on our experience.

Sites that a quick to load and easy to navigate retain a larger audience. We work to not only increase traffic to your site, but increase the conversion rate as well. After all, that’s why you want the potential customers there in the first place. If your current site has a lot of traffic but a low conversion rate, chances are it’s not user friendly enough. A usable website is the number one rule in web design. If you currently have a high bounce rate, that could be the visitors picking up a negative overall impression or they cannot find what they are looking for. Other reasons could be a poorly designed site leading to a negative user experience.

We evaluate your current site by analyzing the applicable metrics and determining the best course of action from there. We work to design you a website that is easy to find, user-friendly and keeps the customer engaged, resulting in business for you.

Site and Competition Analysis

In order to maximize your benefits from using an SEO service, an accurate baseline of your website needs to be compiled. After determining the current ranking of the website and analyzing the competition, we can form a strategy which is clear, realistic and cohesive. There are several key elements that are analyzed and improved upon in order to raise your website’s ranking.

One of the first things we do is put together a list of keywords for your business which can realistically be targeted by the site. The aim is to find an achievable niche within your particular industry.

The sites that get pulled up when those key words are entered into the search engine are your main competitors. The more, high search volume keywords your site has the more authoritative your domain is considered. It is very important in this step of the site analysis to focus on those businesses that are truly your competitors. If you are a ma & pa retail store, then large chains such as Bloomingdale’s, Target or Diesel would not be deemed direct competitors in this site analysis. We identify the targeted long tail terms and proceed to find sites that rank for those relevant terms, those are your competitors.

Our analysis looks for link velocity, domain authority, domain age, inbound links, social shares and a number of other related factors. A view of their sites backlinks provides information on how many high quality links will need to be targeted. We further analyze their topical trust flow to get a better idea of their semantic link profile and their key metrics are compared against the industry average.

It is important to ask questions such as  how many followers does that site have? How often do they post on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.? What is the rate at which they share updates on social media and what is their engagement ratio?. These are all questions we address during an audit of the site’s content and exposure to social media.

In our site and competition analysis we use the data collected to determine the barriers to entry and put together a strategy to increase your business. We use the averages of the data collected to determine the number, quality and the domain rank of the various links your site will need in order to begin showing up in the desired search results, taking care not to lean too heavily on key words used by those sites with a heavy domain presence. This way you get closer to the front page ahead of your competitors. Figuring out how many and the quality of links your site will need, based on topical categories, is another step in our analysis as well as whether they should be in a direct or a more generic niche, or even a related niche.

Monitoring the averages of how often the competition posts on social media will let us know how often your site needs to post and the number of followers you will need. This extends to the articles published on your site’s blog and any other media interactions.

It is critical to have accurate data to know exactly how much work is needed to get ahead of the competition. Otherwise, time and resources are expended without a comparable return on your investment.


Search Engine Optimization

By definition, SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine, search engine. We define it as making the content and information within your website easily readable by the search engines. We strive to create a great, seamless user experience by creating your site to communicate to the search engine your intentions so that it will get pulled up when a relevant search is performed. With organic SEO, a particular business is listed according to the quality of their website, which is in contrast to paid listings. And because most internet users know that, your organic search result says quite a bit about your company.

How do search engines determine which websites are relevant? This is a complicated question but it basically boils down to content, performance, authority and user experience. The content is the text, videos, links, etc., and user experience is how the site looks, how easy it is to navigate and other such factors. These two are the most visible of the four characteristics. Site performance has to do with how fast it loads and how well it works. If your site has enough quality content to link to or if other sites use yours as a reference, then you have site authority.

These relevancy determinants are interrelated and modifying one affects them all. With years of experience, we know how a minor change can have a ripple effect and work to make the most impact to your website in the most efficient manner possible. A well maintained, functional and informative website is similar to packaging in the retail market. It is the first thing your potential customer sees and if it doesn’t grab their attention they will move on, as measured by a bounce rate. It gives the percentage of people who visit the site and move on after only viewing one page. This is one the metrics we use to determine what we need to do to improve your business through improved exposure online. Whereas bounce rate refers to the page the online user starts with the exit rate has to do with the page where they leave. This metric is useful in narrowing down the more specific changes that need to be made to a website. For example, say customers visit a site and proceed to make a purchase. There are several pages they must go through to complete that transaction; inventory page, detailed description page, credit card information page and final confirmation page. Analyzing the exit rate we see a large number of users never make it past the 3rd page, some reasons could be there is a glitch where their payment method is not getting processed or they see additional fees that were not shown previously. This allows us to pinpoint the problem and address it directly.

SEO optimization is a general term that includes a plethora of moving parts and we know just how they fit together. Which changes carry more weight and where to focus our efforts to most efficiently optimize your website and give you more business.


We Create a Mobile Website Quickly For Your Business!

Which mobile website would you rather read from your SmartPhone?

We make your Website Visible for over three billion mobile users. The mobile internet medium is still in its infancy, but many companies benefit from converting their websites to be accessible on hand held devices. With the increase in the number of mobile devices that support Internet browsing, the number of websites that are compatible with mobile internet is increasing. This means that for a lot of Local and Nationwide clients a new un-tapped and innovative market is opening up.

Try this little experiment

Take out your phone and pull up your website. What do you see on your phone? Do you see something similar as the image in the left iPhone? Do you see your regular website in miniature? Can you read your site’s text and quickly find your company’s phone number? Can you Call yourself easily, directly from your website? Are you still waiting for your site to load?

If you were Your customer ….

You can’t see anything on the screen because the site is in miniature!

You can’t find the company number !

You can’t call the business immediately!

We can make it stop !

The mobile revolution is here!

Mobile phones (aka Smartphones) are so popular that Washington, DC and states like Maryland (MD) have had to ban using them (texting and web browsing) while driving. Think about that for a minute… people are risking their lives (and the lives of others) to use their phones! They’re literally glued to their phones! An estimated 45 million people are using Smartphones and this number is only going to increase.



We boast of an unbeaten track record in the field of web design and web development services. Tailor-made web applications that will yield huge amount of profits and give a large return on investment are one of our specialties. If your purpose is to build a consummate brand name throughout the web, we can help you in that by incorporating the latest technology thus amassing lots of money for your company. We generate online stores designed with the purpose of augmenting your sales. And if in case you already have one, but are not satisfied with its results or it does not rise up to your expectations we can always help you with revamping your existing store and improving your consumer awareness. We escalate your business performance through effectual commerce, web design and informative and user-friendly content. We have adequate knowledge about the global business that helps us to advantageously farm out your technical talents with the current assets in countries like Rumania, Russia, India and USA.

We do not offer ready-made and on hand software packages and try to squeeze in your business requirements into it, rather we take a whole new approach in this regard when compared to other IT companies. We tender the best solutions for your business in the form of tailor-made software packages that echo your business needs and which are in tune with the company culture, its production cycle and the corporate logic.

Skillful expertise combined with powerful insights reflects on our Graphics, Logo and Web Designs.

Specialists in e-Business and e-commerce branding solutions

Hands-on experience in ASP, Flash, JavaScript, Streaming Media, PHP and ASP.NET

We help you keep an eye on your customer’s wants and preferences with our customer-oriented work and user interactivity.

Examples of our Website Development work


SEO911 is a fully inclusive online marketing service provider. All our services revolve around getting you to the front page, to being the listing a client sees when looking for services your business offers. Many components are involved in providing organic SEO services, and many of those elements get updated on a regular basis. Search engines get modified to give preference to sites that have a specific collection of elements that the search engine crawlers are looking for, they are being updated constantly. A successful online marketing company stays on top of these changes and updates their clients sites regularly.

Web development services include the latest in interactive and response design tools. It is important for a site to be user-friendly, to be easy to navigate, be informative and include videos and images in addition to text. An interactive site increases user engagement and leads to transactions.

Mobile optimization has been steadily increasing in importance for years. It is at its highest point yet, with well over half of all purchases and other transactions being performed via a mobile device. For this reason, we offer mobile website conversion, mobile optimization and mobile apps as part of our online marketing services. Now days a company not only needs to have a website but have it converted to be fully functional across any platform, there needs to be a consistency between what the user sees on a laptop, tablet, smart phone and any other device they may be viewing it from. Having an application is just as important, especially if your company is looking to appeal to a younger crowd.

Complete online marketing services combine several methods to promote your business. We offer local map services where your business’s address appears on top of the first page above the organic search results. PPC management yields immediate results while your site makes its way closer to the front page. Custom blog creation is an absolutely essential element in site optimization. It provides backlinks, which helps in higher ranking with the search engines and it also helps with additional exposure of your business. Targeted opt-in emails separate those online users that are interested in your product from the ones that are just browsing. This way we focus just on those people that are potential clients. One of the guarantees we offer with this service is the number of emails you want opened and read by a potential customer. We will send out as many emails as needed to meet those demands.

Site and competition analysis is a service we perform to numerically analyze where your site is and exactly what is required to get it to the point where you want it to be. Researching your direct competition gives us a clear picture of the updates that need to be made to your website, any mobile or app optimization point not yet reached, additional videos or images that will put you ahead, etc. Sometimes understated in its importance, continues reputation management resolves any misunderstandings and bad publicity that way inadvertently occur in the course of regular business.


Say what you want to say about your company with a custom blog we will create just for you. Express your own personality in a personal forum or allow us to populate your blog with content that will be keyword rich and interesting to read. If properly maintained, a custom blog can drive traffic, help you attain a higher search engine rank, and give your customers and clients something interesting to read every day, a reason to come back to your website over and over again.

For your ease of use we create our custom blogs using WordPress. WordPress has a user-friendly interface where you can post content of your own or edit content that we post for you. We can create static pages to function as a website around your blog and WordPress provides all of the tracking tools you need to see where your incoming traffic is coming from. It also gives you automatic access to worldwide blogging communities.

Our custom blogs come in a variety of different themes and with a selection of widgets that will allow you to choose what goes in each of your sidebars. We create a unique look for each of our clients that suit your personality and project the message that you want to send to your customers and clients. Your blog is a way for you to communicate directly with your customers in a loose and uninhibited fashion that will put a human face on your company.

WordPress also provides links to all of the major social bookmarking sites. When we design your blog we’ll choose which of these will be displayed as icons at the bottom of the page and we’ll bookmark postings and pages for you to expand your readership. Some of these sites are industry specific, some are technical, and some are general high traffic social networks like Facebook. Your blog is a great way to tap into the over two hundred million users that go to social networks every month.

Custom blogs are a valuable tool in Organic SEO because each posting has a unique URL. Those URL’s can be posted as links on other sites and each will be valued independently when Google spiders and other search engine technologies register them. Blog postings are also considered text links so they carry more weight with the algorithms used to calculate page rank.

An interesting and informative blog will keep your customers coming back for visits on a daily basis. Our blogs also have an easy to use RSS feed that your fans can use to get automatic updates when you post them. You can use a blog to express your thoughts, promote your ideas, or announce new products and services. Each post will reach multiple users and deepen your site with additional content that the search engines will register and credit to your overall quality score.



A Forrester study came to a conclusion that A video is worth 1.8 million words, Dr. James McQuivey. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. A video shoots at 30 frames/second, therefore a 60-second video does have an equivalent of 1.8 million words. This clever tidbit points out just how much information a single video can contain.

A short video on your website that summarizes relevant information the potential client needs to purchase your product is a necessary addition to every site competing in today’s marketplace. Many times a user may be multitasking and may not be able to appropriate the time and focus to read through all relevant text concerning a potential purchase. Those businesses that provide videos with audio that quickly summarize most everything a person needs to know to make their decision have a distinct advantage over those that do not provide this feature.

A video on your website adds a human touch to the products you are selling, it builds rapport with the viewer. Many consumers, especially those that are diligent enough that do extensive research before making a purchase find that sooner or later all websites tend to blend together, offering same or similar products and providing homogenous descriptions to boot. A video tends to break the monotony and leave a distinguishing mark further increasing the chances of a sale.

This marketing tool offers benefits to all types of people that may be viewing your site. An informative or even a comical video could get people sharing their views with their friends and colleagues, providing further advertisement. Even if the initial viewer had no interest in doing business with a particular company, those they share the video with very well might. When people are interested in viewing a video, they can go directly to your site via the keywords for the video. It acts as an additional venue to open up your site for viewing by more people than would have seen it otherwise. This is especially beneficial when you have a lot of competition with sites that get pulled up using the same list of keywords.

Video marketing began increasing in importance back in May 2007 when Google introduced Universal Search. In fact, it contributed to the blended search results everyone is so used to today; video, text, PDF, blogs and images. The quality of any or all of these elements on your website has a direct bearing on conversion rates and brand recognition. Good quality features lead to improved SERP rank, higher CTR, lower bounce rates and quality backlinks.

Through our years of experience in using videos as an integral part of website creation, we are familiar with what the search engines are looking for. One of those things is the length of the video. It needs to be under 4 minutes as engagement rates fall if it’s any longer. Adding rich-video snippets also benefits the SERP ranking. A feature that is often ignored is a transcription of the script in that video. Not only does it appeal to a larger audience, but it also allows the spider to search that content for relevance. Two other features that will keep your potential clients on your site longer are embedding the video above the fold, where the viewer doesn’t have to scroll down in order to view it, and the importance of accurate titles, this shows honesty and helps in building trust with a potential client.


Attaining a first page ranking with a major search engine is as close to a full proof guarantee of success as you can get on the internet. SEO 911, with over a decade of experience in the field, knows what we need to do to get you that first page ranking and it all starts with understanding what your business does and exactly what your product or service is. Once we have established that we need to understand who you’re trying to market it to. These two elements of your SEO formula are discussed in our first consultation with you and are the basis of the Organic SEO campaign that we develop to get you to Page One.

Keywords and keyword phrases are the most important piece of Organic SEO. If we pick the wrong keywords to focus on then you will waste thousands of dollars on a campaign that doesn’t bring you any return on your investment. Inexperienced SEO firms often fail because of this. If your keywords are targeted to you specifically you will see more conversions because the traffic you get from search will be qualified prospects who are looking to purchase what you have to offer.

At SEO 911 we pick the right keywords because we analyze your website and study which keywords are getting heavy traffic. Internet marketing isn’t about creating traffic flow, it’s about finding it. There’s a stream of internet users already out there who are shopping for products and services in your industry. Our goal as your SEO partner is to put you in front of that flow of traffic and make sure that your website is designed and written properly to receive it and convert it.

Organic SEO is also known as Natural SEO because it focuses on predicting where the natural flow of traffic for your needs will be. At SEO 911 we study statistics about consumer search patterns but we also analyze our own results. When we bring in visitors to your website we track where they come from and which keywords they responded to. That tells us where we need to increase our efforts and what we should eliminate as ineffective.

That knowledge of the industry and adaptability is what sets SEO 911 apart from other internet marketing and SEO companies. We know our clients needs intimately because we stay in constant contact with them every step of the way. If we are marketing your business with our Organic SEO then you need to be a part of it so you can understand what’s going on. We don’t shroud what we do in mystery because we know that we are the only ones who can get the results that we do.



The key to success in any kind of marketing is to find the prospects who are interested in your product or service. There are a variety of different ways to separate those qualified prospects from the massive number of users that are on the internet every day. Opt in emails are one of them. When internet users opt in to a newsletter or express their interest in a specific area they are helping to create a targeted list that we at SEO 911 can use to promote what you have to offer.

The lists that we use for our email campaigns are 100% legitimate and your message can be sent spam free to as many potential prospects as you like. Some internet marketing companies will offer to send thousands of emails for ridiculously low prices. We guarantee results when we send out emails. That’s why we buy only the very best opt in lists we can find. Our goal as a company is to make sure that our clients get the maximum return for what they pay out.

The targeted opt in email campaigns that we do for our clients come with specific guarantees. You tell us how many emails you want opened and read and we will send out as many as we need to make sure we hit that number. We use an independent third party tracking tool to measure the responses so you can see for yourself that our opt in email campaigns work. We’re so confident in our opt in email campaigns that we start our guaranteed email campaigns with guarantees of anywhere from 25,000 to over 250,000 emails read.

Targeted marketing produces qualified leads that will convert into real dollars for your company. No matter what you do for internet marketing you’ll be paying by the prospect so its’ important that you use the methods that will get the word out about your product or service to those who actually want to buy it. The prospects on an opt in email list have already expressed that interest so it makes sense to reach out to them as often as possible to turn them into regular customers.

We can promote your website, advertise your products, announce a sale using our opt in email lists, or we can create a campaign where we can build an opt in list specifically for your company. Custom blogs and newsletters are great ways to get prospects to enter their email address and request additional information. That opens a door for SEO 911 to stay in contact with them and make sure that eventually they start buying what you’re selling. We’ve been doing it for over a decade now and we know just how to present your company, who to present it to, and how to follow up with those who are interested in you.



Many Organic SEO companies will tell you not to use PPC at all because it’s expensive and not as effective as search engine optimization. This is a narrow minded approach that generally results in the SEO company losing the client due to a lack of results in the early stages of the campaign. Organic SEO takes time and businesses can’t afford to go without profits while they wait for the search engine optimization to get them to Page One. That’s why SEO 911 uses PPC to keep traffic coming in while we’re building links and doing directory submissions.

SEO 911 offers PPC Management that includes a thorough keyword analysis and monitoring of bids and conversions while the campaign is going on. Our goal is to run an affordable Pay Per Click program that will give you a return on your investment while we build the longer term Organic SEO solution that will bring you to the next level. PPC is not a long term solution. It’s a means to an end.

In the beginning of an SEO analysis, SEO 911 will examine your website for relative keywords and we’ll use those to create your PPC campaign. We use Google Adwords, which offers keyword campaigns and placement campaigns by site or category selection. Our team members are experts at choosing the right combination for you and helping you set a budget that will be affordable and effective at the same time. Google provides the tracking and the volume of impressions and SEO 911 provides the expertise to make it work.

With the keyword and placement options available from Adwords it is possible to target either a specific type of consumer or a local area. This is great for testing new products or when you’re having a sale of some kind. We’ll create the ads that bring you traffic and we’ll use our web design and content development skills to ensure conversions. When you hire SEO 911 to handle your PPC campaign you are getting a complete internet marketing package.

Pay Per Click is a technique which falls under the category of Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. You’ll read many articles on the internet comparing SEM to SEO and exhorting the benefits of either one or the other. The truth is that the two methods are complimentary. SEO 911 has learned from our ten years of experience that the proper internet marketing plan for any business is almost always a combination of the two.

Let us manage a PPC campaign for you to get you instant results and start our Organic SEO process to help you achieve long term success. We’ll combine the two and we’ll change your content and the look of your website to improve your conversion rate and bring you the results that have been eluding you for so long.



A 2008 study by The Kelsey Group, an independent Princeton, New Jersey research firm, found that 70% of US households use the internet for information about local shopping options. Only 45% were still using the Yellow Pages and that number has most likely gone down in the past year and a half since the study was done. SEO 911 incorporates local search engine anddirectory submissions into our SEO process for every client that is seeking local customers.

All directories and search engines offer the option of submitting your business name and profile for review by local users. This procedure is time consuming and can be difficult if you have no prior knowledge of how to do it. SEO 911 has over a decade of experience doing submissions of this kind and we know what directories and search engines to choose to get you the results you’re looking for. Local SEO services, like all of our services, are targeted and designed to give you the maximum return for your investment.

If you are a local business looking for foot traffic many of these directories and search engines offer the option of putting in a map of your location to make it easier to get to. This is a great option for auto dealers and retail stores that are looking to draw new customers from a wider geographic area. Local directories reach thousands of potential customers who never pick up a newspaper or look to the Yellow Pages for a listing.

Professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and CPA’s who are looking to expand their client base will find local directories and search engines useful for generating interested prospects. We increase the effectiveness of our submissions by using preferred placement options and long-tailed local keywords that will quickly bring you to the top of any local search engine page related to your industry. Those seeking professional help will find you first when you let SEO 911 handle your local SEO.

Real estate brokers and investment professionals are finding that without internet advertising and front page search placement they are not making enough to survive. Both professions have struggled since the housing bubble burst and the stock market crashed in 2008 so SEO 911 has come up with plans to optimize marketing dollars by focusing on local SEO. By targeting a smaller community instead of attempting to compete with the thousands of others in a larger market many real estate brokers and investment firms are beginning to enjoy success again.

If you’re looking to get more connected in your local community the local SEO services from SEO 911 can give you that extra exposure that you need. Auto dealers, retail stores, attorneys, doctors, CPA’s, real estate brokers, and investment professionals all benefit from local SEO services and so can you. Contact SEO 911 today and let us evaluate your business.