The best affordable SEO techniques

Though it’s true that many companies spend a small fortune on SEO campaigns, it’s definitely possible to implement really effective affordable SEO techniques, especially for smaller businesses. In fact many of the most crucial SEO techniques can be done simply.

In a few basic steps your website can go from being completely seo incompatible to relatively crisp, you just need to know what to prioritize.

First of focus on the way you’re going to be presenting your content, the structure of your site and your sitemap in other words. Is navigating your website easy? This will have a big effect on both web crawlers used by search engines as well as your audience and both will lead to a snowball effect rolling downhill for your page ranking.

Also the visual design. When it comes to ranking well on search engines like Google your popularity from your audience is important and this can be effected by the visual appearance of your site. Bold, loud, flashy websites may come across distasteful and too much info and media can cause overcrowding taking focus away for your content.

Also simple keyword search is valuable, particularly when done thoroughly. Try implementing your keyword process with your copy / content writing to safe time and effort. There are even free software available for finding and refining keywords for your given topic / industry.

Try connecting to a few similar level related websites through backlinks, this is beneficial for a few reasons. Firstly as mentioned earlier the more links to your pages, the easier it is to crawl for search engine bots. But also having valuable backlinks is a great long term way to expand your reach dramatically for pulling in traffic. Finally building relationships with other online businesses through this networking can have other great and unexpected results.