Social Media Buttons Are The New Affordable SEO, Even If You’re Not ‘Social’

Social marketing is an important part of organic SEO marketing and it’s not going to be going away soon. In the beginning Digg was developed and since then Twitter and Facebook have come along and changed Internet marketing for everybody. A true SEO program will include social bookmarking as part of its overall strategic plan.

If you’re not a social butterfly and don’t have hours to spend on these social sites, how can you compete with other websites that are doing this effectively and moving up the ranks in Google? How do you handle the situation if you’re simply not social and don’t enjoy spending hours on the Internet just talking to people?

The answer is to hire somebody else to do the work for you. This is, in fact, what your competition is doing right now. They don’t have time either to talk to people on the net so they outsource the project. There are people working for affordable SEO companies that have the charisma to update your Facebook and make Tweets for you. Nobody needs to know that you aren’t the one doing them and your reputation will begin to soar.

The fact is that social sites attract too many visitors to simply ignore. Millions of people every day visit Twitter and Facebook to stay updated on the latest happenings. People are just waiting on the edge of their seats for new information being passed along this way. Millions and millions of people are out there right now having conversations and passing along news. If you aren’t one of the ones giving it to them, you can rest assured that your competitors are.

There is no way you can play the Internet marketing game these days without including social sites. You have to make your online presence known to those that are waiting to hear from you. Even if you’re not a social person, you need to have someone be social for you. This is the only way you’ll be able to make a lasting impression on the Internet to your customers.