It’s Important to Be Selective when you do Directory Submission

Not every link is a good link, so when it comes time to do directory submission you’ll want to be selective. Automated do-it-yourself services will tell you that directories with low PR ratings are okay because they can grow into something more powerful, but what if they’ve already been rated higher and have lost some of their juice due to poor editorial standards or deceptive practices? The algorithms that rank websites also determine what a directory listing is worth. Some can actually hurt you.

There is no substitute for manual directory submission by SEO specialists who know something about how a site is ranked and what to avoid when you’re doing link building. At SEO911, our information is always current because we have teams of people tracking it using some of the most advanced software available. Each of the directories that we submit to has been thoroughly screened and verified as a link that will be counted by Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, and others. Each link we build for you will help you achieve your goal of getting to the top of search engine page one, not send you backwards.

Link building is the heart and soul of search engine optimization. For many years, it was the main focus because search engines only counted the number, not the value of links. Today, that’s not the case. Poor quality content and non-related websites ranking for the wrong keywords created a need for changes in the algorithms that determine page rank. If you’re doing organic SEO now, not only does the relevance of your own website count, but the legitimacy of any site you link to is taken into account also.

Directory submissions and social bookmarking are two of the most tedious tasks performed by internet marketing professionals. Many of them choose to outsource these services, thinking that any submission is a good one. At SEO911, we know different. Many of our staff members have been in the industry for over a decade and we’ve watched the search engines develop those formulas for page rank. We know that you need to be selective, and we are. That’s why our clients can be found on Page One.