How Optimizing Your Blog Post Titles Can Increase Your Traffic

Many websites will tell you to fill your blog post titles with keywords to make them more search engine friendly. While this will increase your rank on search engines, it won’t do much to entice visitors from social media sites or other referring sites. Basically, your post titles need to be optimized in accordance to how you do your internet marketing. Let’s go over your two major audiences and discuss how to optimize your blog posts.

Search engines, like Google or Yahoo!, are a major source of traffic for websites. While proper website SEO can and will create traffic for you site, post titles and proper keywords are the main way to increase your search ranking. Search engines use complex algorithms that determine the page rank of your website based off of several optimization factors. In order to rank high on Google, you must focus on using keywords in your titles, rather than catchy and creative titles. This is strictly to be recognized by the algorithm as relevant information to the search.

The other major source of website traffic would be from social media sites, such as Twitter and Stumbleupon. Marketing to these internet users is entirely different than ranking in search engines. You need to keep your titles short and sweet, while also making them interesting and appealing. These are strictly human visitors, not bots, so you must market accordingly. Include keywords that would interest visitors, instead of focusing on keywords that they would likely search for. Creating a catchy title that tempts them to visit your website is the key here.

There is a great tool for blogs built with WordPress called the Platinum SEO Plugin. This plugin lets you define an additional title for every page, so you are able to create a title for both audiences. This is an easy and effective way to optimize your titles, and allows for an easier time marketing your website.

Internet marketing and website SEO can be difficult tasks to undertake, but there are SEO professionals with the knowledge and talent to do it for you. Depending on your blog or website’s purpose, you may want to reach your visitors as fast and effectively as possible, without having to trial-and-error your way to getting traffic.