Hidden perks of custom blog creation

There are plenty of great ways that custom blog creation can help a website to develop, to rank more highly in search engines, and to pull in more traffic and more returning traffic.

Firstly your custom blog is a massive archive of extra content that your customers can be entertained by, or find informative. Whereas on the main pages on your website you’ll be appealing more to general customers, your custom blog is a place you can go into great depth and specificity without cramping up the pages on your website.

Each blog post is also another potential headline waiting to pull in traffic for search results page, another way in to your website so to speak, and another potential interest or topic covered.

A custom blog is also a place you can take comments from your customers / members, and where members can discuss topics between them, this is something that can give a number of potential benefits to an opportunistic website owner.

Firstly it creates a micro community within your customer base, which had to be a good thing. Secondly it’s a potential pool of information for where you could be doing more, or less as a business.

There are also some less obvious ways that custom blog creation gives your website a boost too.

The consistent and frequent nature of posts on a blog, compared to say the regular new page posts in your main website will be far greater. This constant flow of data gives search engines like Google the good impression that your website is an active one, with regular and frequent posts made. This is great for your page ranking on Google and another arm to your SEO strategy.

Plus the backlog of blog posts will never become dormant, should a user search the web for the very precise post made on your blog 5 years earlier, your page could still rank high for relevance and be pulling in traffic into the future.