First Page Placement: Is It A Reality With SEO

There are two schools of thought with regard to first page placement. The one tells you that only brand names will ever get onto first place no matter what. The other is that you can get first page placement when you use SEO despite the brands. It is actually more complicated than this. Google is also ever changing which will affect your ability to get first page placement.


Google is changing from a global reach to a local one. With GPS and location requests, when you search in Google it will automatically assess your current location and provide results on a keyword search. If someone is in LA searching for couture pet supplies they are going to see LA based companies before a huge brand name that only services the East Coast. Likewise, if you are selling seeds for vegetable plants and the client is within 10 miles of your shop you are more likely to get first page placement than a brand name company that sells the same product in the next state.

Not Always Local

The results are not always based on local information, but it is often where the game of first page placement begins in the Internet world today. The next part is whether you have keywords that are actually relevant to the search being conducted by the consumer. Google and other search engines take a combination of location and keywords to determine what will be on the first page, which means it has less to do with your overall page ranking unless you have stiff local competition.