Can Local Internet Marketing Benefit from Mobile Website Design?

Local internet marketing is a tried and true art; it seems like unless the Google Gods shake up the rules pretty significantly, there isn’t much more (or different) that any one SEO company will do that can’t be done by another. It’s all just the same services under different names.

Or is it?

As it turns out, like in almost everything in business, there are always deeper levels — further lengths that you can stretch to in order to maximize your results. In the case of local internet marketing, the Next Level is mobile website design.

When you have a mobile website, it’s on a different page than your main website — which means it’s an entirely new entity for the purposes of performing SEO. A mobile website can thus target a different set of keywords than your main website in addition to offering you the usual opportunity to take advantage of mobile searchers looking for a place to do whatever it is your business does.

Kind of. Let’s call attention to that last point again: having a mobile-friendly website means people who search for businesses in your vertical can find your store. But if your store isn’t the first store they find listed, you just lost half of your potential foot traffic. Research shows that less than half of searchers ever make it past the first entry in the results.

The answer, of course, is local internet marketing. By investing just a little bit into SEO your farm stand can snag the number one spot for farm stands in your neighborhood, and you can capitalize on mobile search traffic as profoundly as possible. In essence, local internet marketing and mobile website design are perfect partners, capable of working together with extraordinary synergy.

If you’re already getting your website redesigned for mobile searchers, talk to your SEO company about getting your new mobile website set up with a different set of keywords than your main site so it can attract a different set of visitors. If you’re already getting local search engine placement services, consider investing a little extra in mobile website design so that you can pick up the mobile customers.