Article Writing and Distribution is an effective way to increase the page rank of your website

Attaining a higher page rank for your website on major search engines such as Google is a tough task to accomplish and searching for affordable SEO techniques is a difficult task. The many complicated algorithms employed by search engines to rank web pages are difficult for most people to comprehend. However, you can achieve a higher page rank or first page placement for your website using certain tips and tactics. An effective and simple method to increase page rank is to submit articles to relevant and major article directories.

When you write and submit articles to major article directories you are actually creating back-links for your website with each article. This means with every article that you submit on an article directory you are leaving a URL to your website. More commonly known as article submission, blog posting, readers can click on your website URL and visit your website, thus improving web traffic to your website. Search engines use the number and quality of back-links to figure out the relative rank of your web site. If your web site manages to garner substantial number of quality back-links, it will feature on pages 1 or 2 of major search engines. With more people visiting your web site, search engines become aware of the growing web traffic to your web site. This gives search engines an indication that your website is gaining significant relevance on the Internet which in turn pushes your page rank higher.

An inexpensive method to channel greater web traffic to your web site is article writing and submission to major directories. This ensures that your content is distributed across the Web and is accessible to millions of Internet users. There are many Internet users visiting article directories looking for specific information. If they find your articles to be informative, they will most likely click on your web site URL to visit your website. This is a sure shot way to channel more web traffic to your web site.

Remember, writing informative articles on article submission lists is the only way you can grab the attention of readers. The content you write and submit on article databases needs to be distinct yet engaging if you want readers to visit your website. Also, ensure that you submit your articles to only reputed article submission websites.