After Google Panda, Does Article Marketing and Distribution Still Work?

On February 24, 2011, Google announced changes to their search ranking algorithm that affected 11.8% of all websites on the internet. It was a long overdue and not unforeseen change that addresses the issues of link farms and poor quality content on the internet. The changes, known as Google Panda or Google Farmer, make many former SEO techniques obsolete. Fortunately, those methods were only used by what is known in our industry as Black Hat SEO companies. Our proven organic SEO practices are still working just fine. Among them is article writing and distribution.

Google Panda penalizes duplicate content and devalues what is known as link farms, or sites that will take any submission just to build content on their site. Many article directories fall into this category. They have no editorial process to measure quality or accuracy, so they will publish just about anything. These sites have all been weighed and measured by Google spiders and most of them won’t give you any link juice at all now if you post a link there. Some might even hurt you.

Other article directories, those that have an editorial process and some guidelines, like Ezine Articles for instance, are still effective tools for building links and driving traffic back to your website. Here at SEO911, we know which sites those are and we focus on them. We also employ only the very best content writers in the Los Angeles SEO industry to write your articles for you. Quality counts and we have it to offer here. The articles that we publish in your name reflect on you and your company, so we demand that they be top quality, accurate, and engaging to the reader.

At SEO911, we offer affordable SEO services that are also effective. We keep the price down by streamlining our processes and focusing on what works, not wasting our time with what doesn’t. When the Google Panda report was first published, many companies in our industry went into a panic. Our team members simply smiled and acknowledged that it was a long time coming. We have been in this business for over a decade and we grew up alongside Google. Our people know what they want and we’ve been doing it all along. None of our clients were affected by the changes.