YouTube Is Still Growing – Does Your Website SEO Company Do Video?

YouTube is the third most visited site on the Internet (behind Google’s english page and Facebook). Every minute of every day, an average of 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube — that’s 8 years of content per day. It takes less than three days for the number of videos watched to exceed the number of people on Earth. Every second of every day, more than 8 tweets containing links to videos on YouTube go out to hundreds of followers.

If you’re not convinced that you deserve a part of that action, you should probably just quit trying to market to the online crowd right now. If you’re wondering how you can stand out in a venue with such a massive noise-to-signal ratio, you don’t need to worry — that’s what your website’s SEO company is for.

If you put together a high-quality video — something engaging, interesting, quirky, and powerful — your SEO company darn well ought to be able to start getting it some attention. If they’re really good, they can help you get your videos put together in the first place. Many modern SEO companies keep close relationships with scriptwriters, video editors, voice actors, and full actors because they do things like web presenters to improve bounce rates and conversions — it’s a small jump from there to making YouTube videos to spread the word.

Not only do YouTube videos have an easier time going viral than any other form of media, but even if they don’t, you still get plenty of benefits from video:

  • Persistence: A video on YouTube is forever; it will keep getting clicks basically forever.
  • Relevance: Because you control a significant portion of the text displayed adjacent to your video, you can create your own relevance, making the backlink even stronger.
  • Authority: You think YouTube isn’t an authority site? Don’t kid yourself — even Google isn’t silly enough to discard the opinion of the third-most-visited website in the world.

In short, if you’re not doing video, talk to your SEO company — and if they don’t do video, get a new one.