Why has Social Bookmarking become popular?

Conventional modes of bookmarking favorite websites using various bookmarking features that are offered by your browser are now pass. There are very few browsers that help you migrate and sync your bookmarks for access across multiple systems when connected to the Internet. Just like online forums and online social groups and online communities have become extremely popular today, social bookmarking too has become an all-time favorite of many online users. If you read a blog or watch movies online or hit upon a website that you really like, you would prefer sharing it with your family and friends or your peers at work just to connect with them. Ordinary bookmarking only allows you to add the website and save it for later use and reference. The only way you can share a favorite site is by copy pasting the URL or the web address of the site and then composing a new email and then choosing the specific email addresses you want to send the site too. Not only does this process sound tedious but more often than not you end up not sharing the website at all. So, it’s really not the best way to share good websites.

Social bookmarking is one of the most powerful and easy ways to promote a good website, forum or blog. Many social bookmarking sites today allow users to create an account within a few seconds and the users can start sharing their favorite web sites, web clips and almost any online content of their choice within a matter of a few seconds. Social bookmarking sites also have certain strict policies, terms and conditions that must be followed by the users if they wish to have permanent and unlimited access to their chosen network of sites through the process of social bookmarking.

Users can recommend a website to friends as well other people who are a part of an online community on the social networking site. They’re also many other options available if a user is searching for a good website. Some of these options include search categories based on the name, type of website, public or private bookmarks, etc.