Who Has Time for Organic SEO, Much Less Social Marketing? (We Do!)

Organic SEO is probably the single most important part of any commercial enterprise online. If you can’t rank for searches on the search engines, you’re entire business is going to depend on traffic that either costs unnecessary money or isn’t reliable in the long term — neither of which makes for good business. The problem with organic SEO — and doubly so if you tack on it’s ‘evil twin’, social marketing, is that it takes hundreds of hours every week.

If you’re a huge corporation and you can afford to buy an SEO company and make it your in-house Internet Division, more power to you — but if you’re part of the 99% of businesses that are operating on a minimum of manpower and man-hours, you’ve got a tough dilemma in front of you. You can either hire a couple of people to do full-time SEO and hope they can handle it all, or you can spend a little more money and hire a contractor to do your SEO for you.

The Power of Outsourcing
The problem with hiring someone in-house to do your SEO is twofold: first, and this is true no matter what any guru tells you, SEO is complex enough that no two people in the entire world have, between the two of them, mastered the discipline. Second, doing SEO work for a single business, even if two people could do it together, is really amazingly mind-numblingly boring.

That’s because, once the initial “fun” work of designing webpages, planning a content strategy, and researching your competitors’ SEO tactics for nuggets of brilliance is over, the job is all about building backlinks. Over and over and over. Day after day after day. SEO companies can handle this because they’re constantly getting new clients, so at least a couple of times a week, you can expect to do some of the fun, fulfilling stuff — not so if you’re just working for the same company endlessly, building. yet. another. backlink.

So when you start looking at which makes for more affordable SEO, consider the human cost — and hire an SEO company.