Using website SEO to transform your site

If you have an existing website, it is crucial for your long-term success that you continue to develop your site over time. Without continued attention and work, you will eventually find that your website stagnates, and begins to lose momentum. There are different ways to curb this threat, however only one makes sense in the long-term. Also, only one is truly affordable, and this is website SEO. If you aren’t yet familiar with this term, then don’t worry. You’re not alone, and we will explain as we go through this post.

In simple terms, SEO includes all practices used to improve a website. The focus is primarily on improving the website insofar as the search engine ranks it. However, it is also deeply interconnected with how your visitors experience your site. SEO includes everything from website design, blog creation, content production, keyword research, and many other techniques. Generally, SEO is broken down into on page, and back-end SEO.

On-page SEO
On-page SEO refers to all SEO techniques that will be visible to a visitor of your site. It includes everything listed above, all of which play a role in how a search engine will rate and rank your site. There is no one area which should take priority over others, however, you should generally begin work on the areas which your site is weakest in. Or otherwise, try those things which you have yet to try.

Back-end SEO
On the other hand, we have back-end SEO. Back-end SEO includes all of the SEO practices which will not be noticeable to your audience, but which makes a big difference to the search engine. One exception which your audience will see includes meta titles and meta descriptions, these being the text and title that you see on the search engine results page that describes what is on the page.