Using Local Internet Marketing to Make a Big Splash in Your Home Town

Market analysis is one of the first steps in the internet marketing process. Who exactly are you selling your product or service to? If you’re a national or international service you’ll want to reach a broad range of potential customers and clients around the world. If you’re a small shop relying on local traffic, the internet can still be a valuable tool for you. Using local internet marketing you can make a splash in your home town. You might even find its better than the print or media advertising you’re doing now.

SEO911 is an organic SEO company. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve high page rank in search engine algorithmic calculations. That has been our primary purpose for over a decade now and it’s not likely to change any time soon, but the nature of our clients has changed in just the past two years. SEO, once only for the big corporations and national retail chains, has now entered the world of Mom and Pop. Local stores and independent service providers can take advantage of affordable prices and local tools to help drive in traffic from their natural market.

When we first started out in Los Angeles SEO, there was a telephone directory in every home. Those big yellow books might still be around, but fewer and fewer consumers are using them. The preferred tool for finding a product or service today is the search box. If you’re not showing up on the top of Page One for your industry keywords, you are losing business to your competitors. Even worse, some of those competitors could be miles away. Your potential customers can’t come to you if they don’t see your listing.

Here at SEO911, we focus on local keywords and local search engines for those companies that come to us looking for local traffic. It’s much easier to do than it sounds. Your competitors have probably overlooked the value of incorporating the name of your community into blog posts and web content. If you start doing it, you could be on top in just a few weeks. Contact us to learn more.