Understanding Organic SEO

Optimizing your website and ranking in the top 10 in each of the major search engines requires different approaches. Google being the most popular is a great starting point when optimizing your website and beginning the SEO process. Organic SEO, done wisely can almost double the overall websites visibility drawing more visitors and potential customers.

We take pride in understanding Organic SEO and being able to use the correct techniques to be able to use fundamental information and deliver improved rankings in keywords that are useful to traffic growth and that are used by potential customers of the business. This requires quality research into many areas including the client’s target market, industry and competition, to understand who to target and what others in the industry are doing. This then moves to the website with a full audit of the coding and contents so recommendations on any website changes can be assessed and made.

A holistic approach to a website is important and we have the ability to look at and optimize the code behind the website because this is where the search engines get the information that they use to rank pages. Presenting the same information, or slightly modified information in the right format and in the right parts of the html code of the website can make a huge difference to how effective it is at improving a websites visibility.

Here are some of the areas that we target to get the best results in organic search engine optimization.

  • Keywords: Finding the right keywords including longer elements with three to six keyword terms and the suitability of location information to your business.
  • Content: The positioning of keywords in a webpage, the density of keywords used and not sacrificing readability for a potential customer are where good content makes a huge difference.
  • ALT Tags: This is the alternative text that accompanies images and is processed by search engines making it a good place to use keywords particularly if you have many images on the website.
  • Meta Tags: Once Meta tags were very important to search engines but now that they are more sophisticated their importance has diminished but still need to be optimized.

This is a basic look at some of the processes that are used to give the best results using organic SEO. The point is to be visible when people type in a query in a search engine that signals them as a possible customer to your business and we understand how to do this.