Turn Your SEO Into $EX with Targeted Email Marketing

Everyone knows that the first step to success online is getting traffic — that’s why we all have SEO experts — but some of those website SEO companies seem to forget that there’s another step to the process, in which you turn SEO efforts into traffic and traffic into $EX — that’s shorthand for Extra Money! The leading tool in the industry to make that happen is an old internet marketer’s tactic called targeted Email marketing.

organic SEOTargeted email marketing, when you first read it, sounds kind of like it could be a synonym for ‘spam’ — and some (failed) marketers treat it that way. But they’re kind of ignoring that first word: targeted. You shouldn’t ever send out an Email to someone that hasn’t asked for it.

“But who would ask me to send them Email?” you say. Excellent question. Stop and ask yourself — have you ever asked someone you didn’t know to send you an Email? The answer is ‘probably’ — either because they had information you didn’t, or because it was a prerequisite to downloading something you wanted to download. That’s exactly how you target your future customers. Put up something free (and relevant to your web business) online, stick a “you must enter your email address here” window between them and the free thing, and then use your SEO powers to drive some traffic to that site.

Some people will see your offer, they’ll sign up, they’ll read your (expertly-crafted) free whatchamacallit, and blam! Some time later, you’ve got a decent list of Email addresses to send out to. Now, the key is to not scare them off. If you spam them with requests to buy stuff, you’ll do just that. Instead, you should reassure them that you’re on their side. Send them some updates about your topic of choice, or just some more detail to add on to whatever was in the free whatchamacallit. Just don’t send them anything irrelevant or profit-seeking, not for a few weeks.

Once you’ve got them interested in the next thing that comes out of your mouth, THEN you try to sell them something. Craft your request for money carefully, and you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand — and that’s how you get your $EX.