The Truth behind Why You Need a Social Bookmarking Site

Ever since the social network websites started becoming part of our daily lives we have become accustomed to connecting with people we know and that we don’t know based on what we have in common even if what we have in common is something we don’t like! This kind of open and public social profiling has also made a lot of people reach out to new horizons in search of things they didn’t previously know only because thanks to these links they were now in contact with new information or material.

The Basics

A social bookmarking website is where you sign up for an account and start saving different things you have found online  it’s like an agenda of things you like, but posted online. Once inside your profile, you can link videos, photographs, other websites, products, songs; and you can group them into different themes or subjects. After you have done this you can use them for your own personal reference, make them public or share them with specific people among your links or friends.

Once you have sent these to your friends or shared them with anyone at all, they are out there and they will probably reach hundreds or thousands of people. So how can you use to your advantage?

A Practical Example

Let’s say you sell, for example, musical instruments. You can build a profile, sort musicians into the brands of instruments they use and then share a link to those instruments on your shop’s online website, thus, promoting traffic to your site. If anyone likes a specific musician and links it to your bookmark, then it goes viral and attracts a lot of people interested in your website and your products.

How to Go About It

Social bookmarking is all about trying to detect what interests people your products are targeted at share or have in common, so that you can later make those things relate to your profile in order to promote whatever it is you are selling to that specific targeted audience. Of course, it all sounds easy on paper, but if you really want to handle it correctly, you should probably get some help from professionals in the business or you might scare your audience away.