The SEO Benefits of Custom Blog Creation

Custom blog creation — that is to say, having an SEO company build you a blog specifically for the purpose of SEO and social media — is a huge part of almost every Internet-presence building plan these days. There’s a good reason why; there are things that a carefully-created blog can do that nothing else can.

Easy Keywords For SEO
When you set up your blog, you set it up after your SEO company has done all the keyword research for your main site — and you set it up with your best keywords in several places around blog.

  • The categories that you file your posts into should include your keywords.
  • The tags you add to each blog post should include your keywords.
  • The title of each article should include one keyword
  • That means that the permalink URL will also include that same keyword.
  • The content of each post should include at least a couple of your keywords, ideally as anchor text for a link back to your landing page.

And that doesn’t even include any SEO plugins, which can add:

  • An article summary which should also include the same keyword that appears in the title.
  • A keywords box that essentially acts much like the Tags box all over again.
  • Potentially other text fields for you to slip more keywords into.

The point of all of this is that because you have so many places to put your keywords in, you don’t have to worry about the keyword density of your posts themselves at all. Just make sure that the keywords you put in the tags, keyword box, et cetera are the same ones that you have once each in your copy, and you’re done.

Easy Linkups for Social Media
There are also a plethora of plugins that can turn every one of your blog postings into a mini social media center. Buttons that let readers easily mention your post on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, or GooglePlus sit pretty right next to links to your company’s own accounts on each of those social media sites. Allow people to link up not just your posts, but other people’s comments on the social sites, and your blog will love the extra backlinks; Google doesn’t care if the backlink leads to a comment or to the main body, it’ll still boost your SERPs.

There are good reasons every SEO plan in the world involves building you a blog — they’re amazing tools for getting seen, and getting seen is everything in the online game.