The Networking Aspect of Social Bookmarking

The Importance of Bookmarks
Bookmarks have been around for ages – you put in a slip of paper, post-it note, pen, dog-ear a page or insert some hand-crafted length to keep your place in a book.

And now you can do it with websites. Think about it. If you want to show someone a part of a book, you have it bookmarked; if you want to show someone a site on the web, you have it bookmarked. If you want to increase traffic to your website and spread your public online image… you bookmark it. Social bookmarking won’t use any resources you don’t want to spend, and the increase in traffic and audience you get is well worth it.

Better Search Engine Rankings
Maintaining your social bookmarking means search engines like Google can find you a bit easier – and if you’re easier to find, you’ll get more hits. Alexa, a service which ‘ranks’ websites based on how often they’re accessed, has rankings in the hundreds of millions. You might start off in the range of 700 million. In a few months, you might increase your rank by as much as ten times.

Have Products to Sell
A great way to keep people coming back is getting them to spend something. Have a product to sell and you might see your sales and traffic leap up as people bookmark your site and share it with interested friends.

Affiliate Markets
Affiliate links and markets are great ways to make cash through promoting yourself. Social bookmarking drives traffic to the affiliate link – and all you need is a catchy description and a solid title.

Sharing Online
So it’s pretty hard to share a physical bookmark. It isn’t hard to share a social bookmark. You can share the bookmark on this website or that website – thing of it like some sort of StumbleUpon – and word gets out and the bookmark finds more and more people. You’re in for a traffic boost.

Fast Indexing through Tags
Make sure to constantly update your blog or website – and make sure to tag your posts! Tagging will make it easier for people to find the things they like on you site; making it easier for them to bookmark those things; making it faster for them to end up on social bookmarking sites. What are you waiting for? Get to it!