The 5 Most Important Things to Learn About Organic SEO

Organic SEO, (n.): Any of numerous techniques used by website owners to cause their websites to rank highly for various search terms on the major search engines, primarily Google. ‘Organic’ is synonymous with ‘White Hat’; contrast ‘Black Hat SEO’. I didn’t want to risk getting sandboxed this time, so I hired a company to do Organic SEO and get me in the top 3 for ‘how to fix a boombox’.

The truth about organic SEO is that there is too much information out there for any one person, no matter how saturated they are, to be an expert in the entire subject. That’s why most website SEO companies have a staff that runs between 12 and 120 people — because it takes at least a dozen people just to master the basic gruntwork of Search Engine Optimization. There are, however, a few basic principles that everyone who owns a website should know about SEO.

  • Unique Root Domains: Your rank on Google can be most accurately predicted by the number of unique root domains (i.e. different websites) that link to your website. Whatever else you do for SEO, concentrating on getting links from websites that aren’t already linking to you is a good thing.
  • Natural Backlink Profiles: If you have a lot of backlinks that come from the came IP C-block, were created on the same day of the week, use the same anchor text, appear within a few words of the same name or Email address, or are in any other obvious way related to one another, you lose.
  • Authority Over Multiplicity: There are hundreds of thousands of blackhat SEO doofuses out there that can create hundreds of thousands of backlinks in an afternoon. The search engines would rather see a dozen high-value backlinks from related websites than a thousand zero-value backlinks from link farms.
  • On Page SEO Counts: Despite what some companies will tell you, backlinks aren’t everything — you have to have your own page right as well. Ask a guru.
  • Organic SEO Isn’t a Quick Fix: Again, despite claims from various gurus, the only quick fixes in website SEO involve a lot of money up-front. Organic SEO isn’t that — it’s a medium-paced, ongoing process that will take months to kick in.