Targeted Email Marketing: Because Return Customers Are The Best Customers

There’s a saying in the world of Internet marketing: ‘It’s a lot easier to get someone to pay you the second time.’ It’s true, too — once someone has opened up their wallet and given you money, they have several good reasons to do so again. For one thing, they’ve psychologically invested in you: if they choose not to buy from you again, they essentially have to admit that they wasted money the first time, and no one likes to think that they wasted money.

Regardless of the psychology, the fact is that return customers are probably going to spend more money the second time than they did the first time, and they’re probably going to come back again the future, too. That’s why many very successful marketers (and offline businesses, too!) use targeted email marketing to lure customers who have purchased once back to do so again.

It’s simple, really: you simply ask them to sign up for your emails when they purchase your product. Then they opt in again when they get home, and they’re on your list until they deliberately take action to get taken off of the list.

Once they’re on your list, you send them relevant, interesting emails every once in a while. And every once in a long while, you send them a relevant, interesting email that just also happens to mention your latest product or service. Most of the emails won’t get opened; most of the people who do open the email won’t respond to the call to action — but if you have a list of a hundred thousand people and only 1% of 1% of them reply to the call to action, that’s ten people who came back through your doors and bought a new product.

Like many things in the world of Internet marketing — most notably organic SEO — targeted email marketing is a slow-building tool that develops long-term success. Every person who signs up for your marketing list adds to the chance that someone will actually come back and spend more money when you send out that big marketing message — so sign up every single customer you get, and eventually the profits will roll.