Organic SEO Marketing

Utilizing Proper Ad Placement to Monetize a Website

Not to be confused with first page placement, which is the process of getting your website to rank on the first page of a search engine, first page ad placement utilizes key areas of your web page to gain clicks on your advertisements. Advertisments on websites may look distasteful to some, but it is a great way to offset the costs of hosting and managing a website. Another way to use advertisement space would be to create your own ads and place them on your site. This can move your traffic to certain areas of your website, where you may be selling a product or offering a service. Here are some tips to place ads properly on your site.

While many bloggers and SEO consultants recommend that you place ads in your sidebar, advertisements placed below the post title and above an article have a much higher success rate in receiving clickthroughs. Placing a text ad here makes it blend into your site, while an image ad will most likely irritate the reader.

Mentioned above, sidebar ads do not get a high clickthrough rate. Placing an ad at the top of the sidebar does. By blending it in to look like it’s part of the navigation, it will receive a large amount of clicks from visitors.

Another place commonly used is below your post. If you place ads below your articles, make sure it is directly below the articles. Using text links, so they look like a list of related links, will create a large amount of clicks.

Many websites offer products and SEO services and using advertisements on their own pages can give a substantial boost. Creating backlinks throughout posts or placing image ads in the sidebar “funnels” visitors into certain areas of the website.

By blending in your advertisements with the rest of your site, you can guarantee a high rate of clicks on your ads. Make sure the ads are related to your website, else nobody will be willing to click on them. By using these advertisement tips, your website can effectively pay for its PPC advertising and even its hosting costs.