Supplementing Your Organic SEO With Branded Social Profiles: The Win

There’s a lot of detail to the art of organic SEO, and as social marketing becomes a bigger and bigger share of the online market, many SEO companies are starting to offer social services alongside their traditional offerings. There are a lot of variations on that theme, but there’s one that gets almost zero attention despite the fact that it’s powerful, easy, and takes almost zero time and effort. It’s called ‘branded social profiles’, and you see it everywhere you look.

A branded social profile is nothing more complicated than a facebook page for your business. A twitter account for your store. A company Google Plus account. Probably all of the above and flickr, myspace, and some social bookmarking accounts like reddit or delicious besides.

What does a branded social profile do for you? It’s really simple — it gives people who have interacted with your business a place to say so publicly. If you do good business and you have a good product, you’ll get positive comments. Develop those into a solid base of material, and pretty soon you’ll be able to point at it and say “Look at how good we are.”

More importantly, other people will look at the same codex of commentary and say the same thing: “Look at how good they are.” Once you reach that point, you have won the game, because the commentary becomes self-sustaining. As long as you keep providing a high-quality product or service and you make regular contact with your fanbase, they’ll continue to grow and you’ll continue to profit. (If someone says something negative, don’t worry — it’s a normal part of becoming mainstream, and everyone knows that the occasional hater is to be expected.)

It might take a time — a lot of time — to get there, but that’s what your SEO company does best. Let them take their time to get your branded social profiles the attention they need, and you’ll find that one day, you’ll check in and find that you have more fans than you know what to do with, and you will know you’ve won.