Spending Time Is Key with Social Media, so Save Some With PPC Management.

Social media is kind of like the opposite of having meetings — you can spend as much time as you care to on both, but while meetings tend to decrease in value quickly over time, social media increases in value the more you time you take with it. After all, your followers love to know that there’s a real life person with a take on things and a life on the other end of their favorite product or service.

So how do you find yourself the time to spend on Twitter, Facebook, social bookmarking sites like Pinterest, and so forth? By taking some of your other time-consuming tasks and finding other people to do them for you.

Let’s take, for example, your pay-per-click advertising campaigns. If you currently do your own PPC, you have a pretty good idea of how much time it takes. You can spend weeks just coming up with a set of keywords to populate your search query list with. Then, once the campaign is under way, you’re constantly monitoring your spend-per-keyword, conversions-per-keyword, and so forth, trying to minimize your cost-per-visitor while maximizing your total conversions per timeframe.

If you instead saved all of that time and pain and handed the job off to a PPC management firm, you could take those hours back and spend them on your social marketing instead. And when you get right down to it, you have to recognize that the people on Facebook and Twitter would rather hear from the capo directly than from some punk hired to talk to them — whereas the numbers don’t particularly give a damn who crunches them.

And in the end, which is more rewarding to you: putting your personality and ideas out there and having people who appreciate them tell you how cool you are for doing what you do, or long division? The contest isn’t a particularly hard one for social media to win. So find someone who knows how to massage a PPC campaign into supremacy and let them to the job — you go be you.