SEO Never Stops: The Art of Long Term Blog Posting

When you start SEO, you should do it fully aware that you are necessarily in for the long haul. There’s no such thing as “a little bit of successful SEO”. You can have SEO in little bits, or you can have successful SEO, but not both, because SEO requires constant upkeep in order to keep your website on the top of the SERPs.

Enter your blog. If you’ve had your SEO company to a proper job of custom blog creation, your blog will have all manner of backlink-generating considerations built into it, and every post you make will be worth quite a bit when you pop that link back to your landing page. But if you let your habit of regular blog posting fall off, all of that SEO effort and expense is essentially wasted.

So how do you keep finding stuff to post about after the first 52 weekly posts? It’s a matter of switching things up while staying relevant.

  • Try talking to another business owner in the same field and see what he thinks about the future of the market. Blog about his commentary.
  • Focus on a specific and narrow part of your business process, whether it’s how you select your vendors or the importance of regularly organizing your widgets.
  • Talk about a specific incident that occurred as a part of your normal business process. Redact the names, of course, but share your experience.
  • If you’re really stuck, go back and find another post of yours that has gotten a lot of commentary and do an ‘update’ or a readdress of the same topic.
  • You can even delve a little bit into your personal life as long as you can relate it back to your business.

The art of learning how to blog in the long term is of vital importance to any small business owner that doesn’t want to pay his SEO company to blog for him for the next several years. Get used to the idea now, and keep it up – anything less is a waste.