PPC Management Is Nitrous Oxide For Your Web Business

PPC Management is the complex and wonderful art of taking a massive swath of long-tail keywords, keyword variants, and negative keywords and creating a pay-per-click advertising campaign that will bring in some serious traffic flow without draining your pocketbook. Without a professional PPC manager, your chances of blowing all of your money on almost no results is…well, let’s say ‘significant’. But with a pro on your side, you can turn pay-per-click from a minefield into a gold mine.

organic SEONormally, a new business starting online has a huge upward climb to anywhere near the top. While it’s utterly vital in the long run, organic SEO takes about a million years to kick in to the point where you can run a business off of it and be busy doing it. But with a solid dose of nitrous — in the form of a well-run PPC campaign — you can get your business on the first page of the search engines literally overnight, and stay there. That means more traffic, more conversions, and more money (which, if you’re smart, you’ll reinvest some of into your SEO!)

The downside, of course, is that pay-per-click advertising is always a gamble — it does cost money, and it doesn’t guarantee traffic. But if you look carefully at the places that do offer traffic for money at a regular rate, virtually none of them offer targeted traffic. That’s what makes PPC so special — your ads literally only appear in front of people who are looking for something related to your offer!

It’s not like television or radio where you put a jingle out there and hope it sticks in someone’s head until they remember days later that they need to go buy something, and you hope they buy YOUR something. It’s like you can play them the jingle as they’re in the isle, walking toward the something rack, and you’re literally shoving your something into their hands as they walk.

Of course, the skill in PPC comes in determining which keywords, which prices, and which targets to focus on. Pick the wrong ones, and you can spend a thousand dollars and get twenty visits. Pick the right one, and you can spend twenty dollars and get a thousand visits. That’s exactly why every startup website should consider investing in a PPC management expert for their pay-per-click campaigns.