PPC Management and Excel Spreadsheets

When you are using a pay per click Management Company to take care of your PPC marketing then using excel to help collate your information can make life much easier. Excel is part of the Microsoft Office suite and is available on most computers using the Windows operating system. It is a simple to use spreadsheet program that will help you to choose the right keywords for your situation.

Using Vlookup to Help PPC Management
It is important to be able to look at your keywords and to be able to see how they are performing in your current campaign and in previous campaigns. The ability to use the VLookup functions to quickly show different time periods from the data make this a great research tool.

The ability to see how the keyword is performing overtime can show if it is losing its effectiveness. This may mean that you need to discuss with your PPC management team increasing the budget to get more effective pay per click ads or moving to other more productive keywords.

Duplicate Keyword Searches
It is important to make sure that your campaign does not use duplicate keywords. Using excel it is simple to find duplicate keywords with its search functions. A duplicate keyword can push up the price for pay per click ads as you can end up competing with yourself. This happens more often than you might think and the more keywords you are using the easier it is for one to slip in.

Faster PPC with Find and Replace
When you are dealing with different pages that need to be formatted differently such as when submitting to Google or Bing then using find and replace can turn hours of cutting and pasting into a one click solution us excel spreadsheets. This will make PPC management easier and help reduce typing mistakes when done manually.

Switch To Outsourced PPC Management
If your PPC management is taking up to much of your time then having all of your data in Excel format makes it easy to send to an outsourced PPC team. They can then organize the campaign and execute it while you still get all of the campaign data. This will leave you more time to devote to selling to the visitors that are generated by your PPC campaign.