Organic SEO – what you should know

To understand exactly what organic SEO means it’s necessary to have a short history in its evolution alongside the growth of the World Wide Web. From the birth of the Internet users dialed up to connect, and search engines like yahoo, and Google were there to direct people to the relevant pages they were searching for.

This was the also birth of organic SEO, a practice used by website owners to better connect their content to the viewer / customer, via the search engine.

As with anything, the early days were fairly basic compared with where we are today and in the past it was possible to shortcut your way to top using techniques now considered as malpractice. Websites could farm links to their website or plaster their content with popular keywords, a practice known today as keyword stuffing. However today websites engaged in this type of practice will only be penalized, and are very unlikely to slip through the net so to speak.

A more intuitive algorithm is now used by the likes of Google when crawling through web content, and the use of many quantitative readings have switched to look more for the quality of content. For this reason and others SEO today is far more engaged in creating high quality content, which is great for customers.

When it comes to quantitative data used by search engines relevant to your SEO campaign, the more important factors are things like how often customers return, and for how long they remain on a site once they enter it. As a result trying to shortcut the search engines has become a thing of the past and focusing rather on things like design and other ways to make the visitors experience more friendly have flourished.

Similarly rather than focusing on collecting as many backlinks as a website can, today your SEO manager is far more likely to focus on several strong websites to link to in a tightly knit partnership type deal.

If there is one current trend that stands out at present in the way organic SEO has changed it would be this, quality over quantity.