Marketing Using a Press Release Service

One of the most inexpensive ways to bring your business and its products to the notice of a wide range of people is to package new and interesting information in a press release. This is not as easy as it sounds and is the reason that selecting the right press release service is very important.

Building a Compelling Press Release
It is important the information in the press release is important in some way to those that may read it. Ideally it will appeal both to the target audience that your business is marketing to and to journalists and commentators that can use the information contained in the press release to make their own content. A press release can work with you to shape the best possible releases so that you get the most marketing value from each one.

A Press Release Is Good For SEO
One of the really great things about using press releases for marketing is that they stay active on the internet. The major press release distributors archive the press releases and they are indexed by the major search engines. The content is given a high weighting so by careful use of keywords and links this can build up an excellent base of content and links that relate to your business.

High Search Visibility with Press Releases
Integrating your other marketing activities with your press release is a major part of a press release services task. When you link your press release to a blog post, an article, social media and social bookmarking you get the message out over the widest possible range. Every connection makes your message more visible to more people.

Linking With Newsworthy Events
A great way to boost your press releases interest to both end users and newsmakers is to link your release with something already in the news. If there is a new advance in products that you sell then link that to a current generation that you deal with. If a well known manufacturer is in the news then link your products from that manufacturer with the information in your press release. This technique does require the right balance to work properly and is a good reason to use a press release service that can pull together all the information that you give them and package a perfect press release.