Local Internet Marketing: The Next Level — Mobile Website Design

Mobile website design — the art of turning your normal website into a website that can be easily viewed on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones — is a huge step forward in any small business’ Internet presence. What many small business owners fail to see is that a mobile-friendly website isn’t just ‘more traffic’ (though it is) — it’s also the next level of local internet marketing.

If you’re not engaging in local internet marketing, you should be — it’s the single best tool for small businesses to get feet in their doors. Local internet marketing is the online equivalent of putting billboards at the most well-traveled crossroads in your city (online, we call that place “Google”.) It’s the process of making sure that when someone searches for some combination of your city name, region, or neighborhood and a keyword related to your industry, your name shows up in the search results.

For normal desktop websites, that’s a pretty powerful tool. It means that when someone says “Where do I find a place to buy X?” and they Google it, they see your store. That makes them much more likely to come buy from you, especially if they find convenient information like where you are and what hours you’re open alongside (which local internet marketers can make sure shows up.)

But combine that with the power of a mobile website, and you have this scenario instead: a soccer mom is cruising the local highway when she realizes she forgot something her family needs. She pulls over at Starbucks, whips out her Kindle Fire, leeches some wi-fi to look up ” ” and finds your store. Without missing a beat, she turns her minivan around and drives right up to your front door.

It’s the power of meeting peoples needs on the fly, right when they realize they have them, without giving them time to change their mind or think of a better alternative. It’s the power of right now. That’s why local mobile design is local internet marketing’s next level.