Local Internet Marketing Affects the Growth of Your Business

Local internet marketing brings many advantages to small businesses, which is proven by the following fact:

  • Seventy percent of households in the US use the internet as an information source whilst shopping for local services and products.

So, if local internet marketing is not part of your business, then you really are missing out on local targeted traffic. However, if your business is online it is important that your website is properly working for you.

How Do You Know?
The way to identify if this is working for you is to see if local users can find you whilst searching in major search engines. Secondly, and even better can they find you when they use search terms that relate to their needs? When searching for a business the majority of consumers don’t search for the name. Instead, they search for terms that mostly relate to their need. You can also put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and try searching it yourself and see what comes up. You need to find out if your business is listed in the results and exactly where it is. If it is not on the first page of the search engine, what this means is you are missing out on previous targeted traffic, as a user doesn’t usually go past the top ten results that are listed.

Businesses and Internet Marketing
The business that is most likely to attract the majority of clients via internet marketing is one that has a website. Recent studies have shown 80% of customers who made purchases from stores actually visited their website first. You need to ask yourself the questions that are listed above if you have a website. Think like a client and visit the top search engines and start your own search by using certain keywords, which are related to your business. Find out where your site is listed amongst search engines and fix the problem, so next time a consumer goes to find you, they do so in complete ease.

Is Your Business Online?
If no, you are really missing out on a lot! Nowadays, services and products are usually found on the internet and if your website is correctly created, then there’s no reason to why individuals won’t be able to find you. Make sure you expand your business via local internet marketing, and do it before your competitors beat you to it!