If You Don’t Have a Mobile Website Design, You’re Losing Customers

How do you access the internet? If you asked that question five years ago, most people would tell you that they used their home computer, either a PC or a Mac. If you ask that same question today, more than half of the consumers you survey will tell you that they use a mobile device of some kind. If your business doesn’t have a mobile website design that can be seen by those users, you’re losing potential customers. Despite advances in technology that have made mobiles more powerful, many of them still can’t handle complex graphics or video. Your site might look cool to you, but they can’t see it.

At SEO911, one of our specialties is creating mobile websites for our customers. It’s one of the first things we recommend when we begin any marketing campaign. Our goal is to get your site to rank, but that rank does you no good if no one can see it when they click the link. The mobile version might be a little less fancy, but it will capture the traffic that’s searching for you and increase your sales, especially if you market to kids or professionals who are on the move all the time.

To get the most out of one of our small business SEO packages, you’ll want to take advantage of services that help you. Before we begin any campaign, we’ll sit down with you and explain what we have available. Our team of experts will evaluate your business and determine who we want to market your products or services to. If what you have is typically purchased by a younger consumer group, one that is mobile all the time, we’ll create a mobile website for you and then run our campaign.

On the flip side, if your target market is made up of desktop or laptop users, maybe we’ll add a web presenter to spice up your website a bit and have our web design team incorporate better graphics or video. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we know it. Technology changes, search engine algorithms change, and the nature of your business might change. We’ve been in business for over a decade because we know how to adjust to those changes. Give us a call and we’ll help you do the same.