How PPC Management Can Be Part of an Organic SEO Campaign

Isn’t PPC management an SEM technique, the opposite of SEO? That was the pitch line for years when search engine optimization was still in its infancy. Those who were trying to break into the industry a few years back felt the need to position themselves as the alternative to those search marketing  techniques that you had to pay for. Thousands of dollars were spent trying to discredit the value of Pay Per Click and promoting the effectiveness of SEO. The idea was foolish and many promising internet marketers failed because of it. We learned early on that PPC can enhance SEO efforts if used correctly.

One of the benefits of being one of the first companies involved in an industry is the experience gained from watching others make mistakes. SEO911 has been around as long as the search engines have, so we know what they’re looking for when they rank websites. We also know that high volume traffic can create additional links to your site, valuable links that are created naturally without a submission process. How many times have you bookmarked a site you found interesting? That bookmark is a backlink.

PPC is also a good way for us to test the modifications we make to your landing pages and overall web design. Our website SEO teams have over a decade of experience designing landing pages that convert, but there’s no more effective way to test than to run a PPC or targeted email marketing campaign and track conversions. We’ll often set up A/B testing to track a few different landing pages so we can determine which one will bring you the most sales or sign ups.

Small business SEO companies are notorious for shrouding themselves in mystery. The unexplainable always seem to cost more and the client rarely knows exactly why. At SEO911 we take a different approach to internet marketing and search engine optimization. Our experts want you to know what we’re doing and why. Those other guys are secretive because of the tactics they use, practices known as black hat SEO. We’re the good guys. Give us a try and see for yourself.