Get The Crowds talking With Your Custom Blog: Creating Videos That Grab Attention

There’s a lot of things that you can do with a <href=””>custom blog. Creating infographics, posting provocative political pieces, serializing a story — or you can create some killer videos and really get the attention of your readers.

“But SEO911,” you say, “I don’t have the budget for a killer video!”

You’re thinking wrong: you’re not looking to make a one-time, awesome video. You will still need those, of course — your landing page isn’t really complete without one — but you can outsource those. We’re talking about a vlog. Not a Smoosh or a Jenna Marbles, mind you, but a blog that talks about thing relevant to your industry, your store, your life, and so forth. There’s enough people out there making Harlem Shake/Gangnam Style mashups that you don’t need to try to be all topical and hip.

What you need to do is say things that people are interested in hearing — and that (and this is the most important thing) you care about — and that relate to your business.

Sound hard? It’s surprisingly not. Here’s a few examples.

Toilet Paper
Let’s say you run a service that delivers groceries and other daily necessities to people in the boondocks, or that can’t get out of their home for some other reason. You’ve got a wealth of material there, but let’s just pick one example: rant about Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper. “I mean seriously, yes, I want strong toilet paper, but do you have any idea how much this stuff has cost people with septic systems? It’s needs a warning on the package: this toilet paper will make your septic system explode violently and without warning.”

Hydraulic Vacuum Pumps
What if you run a company that sells hydraulic parts to industrial complexes that do things like manufacture the rust that we use to “enrich” flour and breakfast cereals. (Yep. Rust.) How do you make hydraulic vacuum pumps interesting? Well, you could go the funny route — rather than BlendTec’s “Will It Blend”, you could have “Will It Suck?” — but in this case it’s too easy to dip into the crude, so let’s talk about something else interesting about your product. “12 places you’d never expect to find a hydraulic vacuum pump: Fishing boats use them to haul their nets in, construction machines use them to operate, etc. etc.”

Video blog posting is great SEO, but it’s vital that you’re able to get your customers attention — if you’re creative, willing to not take yourself seriously, and persistent, it’ll pay off in spades.