From Web Presenters to YouTube, Videos Are the Stars of the Internet

What are the three most visited sites on the Internet?

  • * Google
  • * Facebook
  • * YouTube

What are the three most powerful forces in SEO?

Coincidence? Not at all. And because searches aren’t sexy and social marketing is incredibly faddish, video SEO is looking stronger than ever these days. The reasons why are pretty straightforward:

  • * Videos are easy to keep watching
  • * Videos communicate to people through multiple senses, making them more effective at creating emotions and memories.
  • * Videos are easy to share through services like YouTube.

Whether you’re looking into creating a web presenter for your landing pages or you’re creating a series of YouTube videos to try to create some viral buzz about your business, the stars of your SEO campaign are your videos. Much like a movie star, videos can demand a lot of time and effort in order to get them working for you — but like a movie star, once you have some truly good videos working for you, you can leverage them to pump up your box office again and again.

Making A Star
So what makes a video a star? More than anything else, it has to be relevant to it’s audience — not to your business. Think back to the best advertising campaigns in your memory, and ask yourself: how many of them are actually about the business or the product itself? What do grown men yelling “wazzzap!?” at each other over the phone have to do with Budweiser? What do Vikings have to do with CapitalOne? What does freshness have to do with Mentos?

The answer is that, when you go video marketing, you don’t want to be explaining your product or service — save that for an introductory video on your website, or for your web presenter. Instead, what you want to do is evoke an emotion that you want the audience to associate with your product or service. CapitalOne wants you to think of butt-kickery. Mentos want you think of coolness. Budweiser wants you think of hanging out with your buds.

Figure out what your want people to think of when they think of your product, and make that feeling the center of your video — then build your superstar and turn it loose on the world.