Forum Posting and Building Links

Online communities and forums are extremely popular on the web, which explains why they always show amongst the top ten search results amongst search engines. If you are using Bing, Google, or Yahoo to search something, you will always find results of forum links on the first page. Forums and forum posting can be thought of as being fun, easy, and brilliant for link building. Read on and discover the three ways to how you can build links from forums.



You can create a signature by making a thread or replying to a thread and attaching your signature. Your signature will always show below your post. When it comes to creating your signature, many forums have a special section for this, where you can easily place your links. You may use either HTML code, BBCode, or any other format that is offered by the forum in order to create your signature.


When it comes to forum posting, you can also create a profile, which needs to be cached by search engines. With your links, you can create a bio field, which is the same process as creating a signature. However, very few forums allow the field for bio. You may also enter the website URL or website title. However, very few forums have this option.

Posting and replying

Forum posting or replying gives you the option of inserting URL’s. If the forum does not let you create a signature, you can use the method to add links, which means you will be adding direct links to the posts.

Benefits of Forum Posting

Forums that are well established such as Sitepoint, DP, and Namepros have a vast majority of members. This gives you an excellent opportunity to build a relationship with these members, only if you participate honestly in the forums. From these forums, you can also get direct leads and referrals. In addition, if you post your signature, you can also receive referral traffic, and if the post count is high, there is no reason to why you will not attract a huge amount of traffic.

Forum Links as a Method of Link Building

The reason why forum links tend to be very powerful as a method of link building is because they are well cached by search engines, allow you to use deep links without any issues, and let you control URL and Anchor Text factor effectively.