Flash, Videos, and Web Presenters: Powerful Visuals That Capture and Convert

You’ve seen the equation before: t*c*p=$ — traffic times conversion rate times price equals gross profit. Website SEO companies used to focus entirely on the ‘t’ in that equation, leaving the rest to the webmaster to figure out. But as the economy tanked in 2008, many major SEO companies realized they had to take the next step in keeping their clients profitable if they wanted to remain above water themselves. The result: they started working hard on the ‘c’ part, too: conversions.

We’ve been studying conversions for a few years now, and we’ve come to one overwhelming conclusion: among everything that you can do to help your conversions, adding visuals to your website is the top item. Whether you’re adding beautiful flash banners, videos of real people talking in real terms about your product or service, or even a web presenter to capture surfers’ interest and attention, it’s all about the visuals.

Flash Banners are so common these days that coming across a professional website without one is almost a shock to your senses. Some websites’ banners are so big that it’s a challenge to tell that there’s any content on the site without scrolling down a little first — that can be a mistake. But no banner at all is a much, much worse mistake to make.

Videos provide the surfer with a sense of connectivity — they can see and hear ‘you’ or, depending on how you do things, your satisfied customers. That gives them a better feel for who you are as a person, which is why many business owners hire actors to play them. Not everyone can be a movie star, after all. Regardless of it’s authenticity, videos are great for connecting to your customers.

Web Presenters are a little-used but powerful variation on the video theme. They’re little pop-up people that proceed to talk and gesticulate like people on a video, but ‘outside the box’. They can give an even better sense of connection than the videos, primarily because they’re “opt-out” — surfers have to take action to NOT see them, unlike videos which generally must be activated in order to be watched.

It doesn’t matter kind of visuals you decide to run with — as long as you have SOMETHING to catch your surfer’s attention and help your conversion rate. Your bottom line will thank you!