Finding the Best Company for Small Business SEO

If you are looking for a SEO company online, this can be very tough. However, what is even tougher is finding a company that carries out small business SEO. Read on and discover how you can find the best SEO Company for your small business needs.


When you are searching for a company that does small business SEO, you will want it to be as transparent as possible. What this means is you will want to know every little thing they do as well as the types of links they are building to your site. If the company fails to show exactly where they are building links, chances are they are using a gray hat technique of SEO. The disadvantage of this is your site will not gain its ranking amongst search engines and may even get penalized or suspended.


Another thing you must ensure is the company you choose gives you a guarantee. The majority of companies do not offer guarantees due to the reason they do not know how long it will take for your site ranking. However, some companies do offer guarantees regardless of any future changes to SEO and Google.

Affordable Pricing

The majority of companies can charge up to $100 dollars an hour. This price is ridiculous when you look at the amount of work that is achieved in the time. You need to look for a company that does not charge per hour, but per ranking. This can also be referred to as pay per performance SEO, which means you only pay when your site is ranking. Good companies will never make you pay until your site reaches the top amongst the first page, which is why you should not choose a company that has you paying regardless whether your site is ranking or not.

One thing you may like to do is look for a company that deals only with small businesses. Companies like this will have much more experience working with smaller campaigns and local SEO. One thing you should not do is hire a large company for your small business SEO. This is because they will charge much more than those that specifically fit the purpose.