Don’t get it Twisted – That Automated Directory Submission Tool Never Worked

There’s a lot of talk now about how automated directory submission no longer works after the recent changes in search engine algorithms. Don’t get it twisted. Those automated tools never worked. If you ordered and paid for one hundred directories you were lucky to get one that would actually register in page rank calculations. The search engine changes simply undermined the credibility of a practice that wasn’t really all that credible to begin with. Shortcuts never are. If you want to establish a solid and lasting presence on the internet you need to do some real work to get it done.

Here at SEO911, we are selective about where we go to get quality links for our clients. That selectivity was the main reason why, when other SEO companies were scrambling to stop their clients from falling off the front page a few months ago, ours were firmly entrenched, even climbing. SEO best practices aren’t all that complicated, so why do so many marketing gurus try to get around them. The answer a quick result is a quick profit for them. Longevity isn’t in their vocabulary because they still believe everything on the internet is temporary. We know better.

Ten years ago, Google was in its infancy, Yahoo was still a colloquial exclamation, and Bing was a misspelled word to describe jewelry. We were generating traffic for our clients and designing websites that converted in a new medium that was still a mystery to most of the technologically developing world. The jury was still out on the internet and the web, but we saw the potential. Many of the men and women on our team today helped develop the concept of organic SEO.

We made the right choice then and we’ve made the right choices since then. The recent changes that shocked much of the internet marketing world came as no surprise to us. They’ve been a long time coming and we positioned our clients to benefit from them. Others could have easily done the same, but they chose what looked like the quick and easy way. Honestly, have you ever seen a quick and easy solution work the way it was advertised to? Success takes knowledge, experience, and most of all, hard work. We offer all three to our clients. Can your current SEO Company say the same?