Custom Blog Creation SEO Tip: Link To Your Social Media Profiles In Three Ways

There are lots of variables to think about when you’re doing custom blog creation. Depending on your plugins and your SEO intent, your blog can do everything from semi-automatically pump out keywords at Google like a Texas sharpshooter to lure commenters into generating more relevant keywords for you. But one of the things that every good blog does is link to your company’s social media profiles.

Why? Because you want people who read your blog to sign up for your social media profiles, natch. The more ways that a person interacts with your company online, the more likely they are to become the kind of ‘fan’ that generates backlinks for you — or at least triggers some decent social signals for some of your content. To that end, we encourage every blogger to link up to their company’s social media profiles three ways:

One: Social Bookmarking Buttons
There are a few ways that social bookmarking buttons can be used, depending on the plugin or widget you’re using to display them. The basic social buttons (Pin, Like, Tweet, Share, +1) will put your blog link up on the social profile of the clicker — but you can also set those buttons up so that clicking them links your social media profile instead, and that’s gold.

Two: Sidebar Links
Every custom blog should have buttons or text links in the sidebar that say things like “Follow my Twitter Account”, “Join Us On Facebook”, and all of the other kinds of tripe that you’ve seen before. It might be banal, but it’s there because it works — those links actually are clicked by people who are interested, and that’s what you want.

Three: In Post
Not every post needs to have a call-to-action that begs your audience to come over to your social media profiles and sign up — that gets kind of weak. (Looking at you, SEOmoz.) But when you do, and you should occasionally, you should always make sure that your beg comes in the form of a link to your social media profiles. That way those people who are inclined to follow can do so without interrupting their thought by having to think.

Link up your blog to your profiles like this, and you’ll go a long way toward maximizing your blog’s impact on the social sphere — which is golden.