Blog Posting: How To Stop Others From Commenting For SEO

Blog posting can be fun, but it can also be aggravating when you are providing real help to individuals who will see the value in your blog and you are suddenly inundated with scammers trying to get attention by commenting for SEO. There are three methods you can make certain to stop the comments from happening.

Check the Origin of the Comment

Before you ever accept, edit, and post a comment check the web URL attached to the poster. They might have a wonderful comment, but the URL is totally spam, unrelated, or looking like it is not someone you want to be associated with. Never accept something that looks like it is going to be spam related. For example if you offer advice about sharing and retaining memories and the poster is from a dating company.

Quality of the Written Post

The lower the quality of the post, the lower the quality of the comment. This is not to say that there are not many who have poor grammar skills. A genuine commenter who really does find value in your blog posting can have poor writing skills; however, they are not usually linked with poor origins. By comparing the origin URL with the quality of the post you know whether to accept it.

Post a Disclaimer

At the bottom of every post or when you receive comments post a disclaimer. Make sure you tie it to the proper blog posting if you do so in comments. Tell those trying to comment that you will report spam.