Affordable SEO Means Doing It Right The First Time

Every single novice webmaster in the world learns a pretty harsh lesson about SEO early in his career. That lesson is this: if you don’t do your website SEO correctly, you’ve not only wasted yesterday’s time and money getting nothing done, but you might have to waste tomorrow’s time and money fixing the mistakes you made.

Here’s a classic scenario: a guy gets fired and decides he’s going to be his own boss. He goes online and learns about microsites or affiliate blogging or something, and learns about this thing called SEO. He hears he’s supposed to get backlinks, so he goes out and starts building them. He’s a smart guy and he wants to save himself some work, so he gets a bookmarking daemon and starts submitting 400 bookmarks per day, targeting a different page on his website every day.

At the end of the week, he looks up the phrase he’s submitted as his anchor text, confident he’ll be on the first page — and instead learns that he’s been sandboxed. His backlinks were obviously mechanically created, spam links with negative SEO value. Of course, he didn’t know that — how could he?

Now he’s got to start over with a new URL as well as coming up with a new, more successful SEO strategy. He’s out everything he spent, and he’s still spending just to get back to the starting line.

Contrast that to another guy who got fired and decided to start a website. This guy, however, decided to hand his SEO tasks over to the experts. He hired an SEO company. He paid a hundred bucks more than the other guy (who didn’t pay anything up front!) — but then, all of his startup time and effort wasn’t wasted. He’s taking huge strides down the road to top placements for his keywords, and hasn’t looked back.

Which of those do YOU think is the more ‘affordable’ SEO?

The simple fact is that 49 times out of 50, SEO done by someone that doesn’t do it for a living is going to result in net improvement of nothing. Don’t let that be you — a little money down will save you days of work and heartache in the future.