Why Use Organic SEO Tactics Versus Older Methods?

When the Internet was launched there was an immediate need for search engine optimization, but there was very little help in the way you wanted to target consumers. Older methods of SEO were about finding as many keywords as possible, stuffing them in the article and making sure you got the top page ranking. It was easier because competition was still low, although growing at a very high rate. Yahoo, MSN (now Bing), and Google had to work to evolve the SEO concept, which means you need to understand what organic SEO tactics are to plan the game today.

It is no longer acceptable to have pages filled with just keywords and absolutely no content. The search engines are about trust for websites and if your site cannot be trusted it will be wiped off the map.

Organic SEO tactics are about using limited keywords, natural inbound and outbound links to gain notice by the search bots as well as customers. For keywords, you need one per blog post, page, or other written material like advertisements. The keyword is exactly what the page will talk about and it is going to have high quality information. As for the links you need to have onsite links that link your pages to each other. You also need links that will form naturally as someone links to your site and you link to other’s sites. These need to be natural, not paid for, and highly relevant to the services or products you sell.