Who Has The Time for A Website? SEO, Social Marketing, PPC…It’s Too Much!

It’s hard to maintain a website. SEO, if you don’t hire a professional company to do it, can literally take up as much time as you care to spend on it. Then you add the modern-day twists of social marketing (spending time writing to the people on Facebook, on your blog, on your forums, and on Twitter) and PPC (crafting clever text ads to put up on the ‘sponsored placement’ window of the various search engines and paying each time someone clicks on one), and you have a workday longer than this sentence, all just to maintain a single site.

How can any startup infopreneur or even a small business hope to keep up without hiring an outside company to take care of these details for them? The answer, quite simply, is that they can’t. hiring a company to take care of your SEO, your social branding, and your PPC management isn’t just a luxury anymore, it’s a simple fact of life.

Just like you don’t wash your own doormats or replace your own soap in the business bathroom, you shouldn’t be bothering with the minutia behind keeping your website profitable and useful. There’s just too much — but a professional that knows his stuff and does it day in, day out can support dozens of websites, because he focuses.

Look at it this way: would you rather have a webmaster that’s a webmaster for an hour a day and splits the rest of his time between managing employees, ordering supplies, signing paychecks, and cleaning the bathroom? Or one that’s a full-time webmaster, and doesn’t clutter his head with other stuff? That’s precisely the difference between being your own webmaster and hiring a professional company to take care of your site.

Modern SEO companies have pluralized significantly from yesteryears, in that they can and will offer nearly every service you need to keep your website on top of it’s game. From converting your website into a mobile-friendly format to driving heinous amounts of traffic to producing high-quality videos to pique interest to managing your pay-per-click campaigns. They can afford to do all of that because it’s all they do — and that’s why every small business and solopreneur should consider hiring one to care for their website. It’s the only way to get everything else done at the same time.