What it Takes to Be the Best in Los Angeles SEO

We know. It’s a bold statement to say that SEO911 is the best in Los Angeles SEO, but we have the results to prove it. Our clients consistently show up on search engine Page One for their industry keywords. That pretty much sums up why we’re one of the most sought after internet marketing firms in LA. In these uncertain economic times, business owners need to be sure that they’ll get results when they spend money on an SEO campaign. We don’t just get results; we get documented results you can see.

Beginning with a thorough analysis of your business, our team of internet marketing professionals will keep you apprised every step of the way about each move that we make. When we do link building, we explain why we select the sites and directories we submit you to. If a PPC campaign will help you, we don’t just run it. We explain why we think it’s a good idea and then show you the results as they come in. Our analytics track hits, traffic sources, time on site, conversions, bounce rate, and other dynamics that will tell us who and where your customers are and when they’re shopping.

If you’ve never hired an organic SEO company before, you are fortunate to have come here first. Many of the players in our industry use whatever means possible to get you to spend thousands of dollars each month. They insist on package pricing and can rarely give you reasonable justification for the rates they charge. The SEO industry itself spent many years shrouded in secrecy because of those behaviors, making it more difficult for legitimate companies to do business. SEO911 doesn’t operate that way.

Remember the old cowboy movies when the bad guys wore black hats and the good guys wore white? It’s not that easy to distinguish who’s who when you do business on the internet. That’s why we practice full disclosure with all of our clients and we don’t take shortcuts or use black hat SEO techniques. It seems to work for us. As we said at the top, we’re the very best in Los Angeles SEO.