Website SEO basics

It’s useful for anyone running a business online to understand a little about how the web and in particular how search engines operate. Understanding this will give a more intuitive grasp of the value of a solid SEO service as the foundation for online marketing as well as giving some ideas about design formatting to consider.

Firstly, what do search engines do exactly? Well they do plenty of things, in terms of processes somewhere beyond the trillions. In practice though a big part of what they do can be broken down into crawling and indexing.

Crawling involves using software known as crawlers like Googlebot to collect info from public web pages much as we do when browsing, by moving from link to link. This explains why a clear site map is so important for your website, as well as for usability.

The masses of information are then indexed and data banks all over the world help meet the almost immediately supply to an unlimited demand for information. Pages are sorted by relevance and popularity and are ranked by a combination of the two factors. Rating highly here is what website SEO campaigns are all about.

It used to be the case that websites could shortcut search engines by filling their pages with keyword text, though they’ve developed a great deal since.

The search engines use algorithms to determine the order and content of the results from any gives arch query to allow instantaneous results.

Knowing a little more about how search engines work helps to explain what exactly it is that website SEO is for, as well as informing us on how to engage with SEO.