Using Social Media to Publicize Your Blog Posting

The use of social media continues to grow and sites such as Facebook and Twitter are multibillion dollar companies with huge numbers of users posting and interacting every day. This is a huge audience and even having a tiny part of it can help you reach more people and stay in contact with them.

Which Social Media Site To Use?
This can be a very interesting question and the answer can be any or all of them. You should think about the audience of your blog and how often you are blog posting. Twitter is great for letting people know about a new post and short messages with links. Regular messages are fine and not seen in a negative way. Facebook and even more so LinkedIn would see lots of messages as a negative and could see people leaving your site. The content also needs to be considered and using an obvious sales technique is going to be very badly received on LinkedIn and to a lesser extent Facebook.

Building Links for Your Blog
When you are using your blog posting activities to publicize products and services on your website then linking to social media sites not only helps to raise the blogs profile but also the website it is connected to. It also provides a conduit that people that see the social media posts can follow to the blog and then to your website. This is a low cost way of building up a network of content links that can bring in a surprising amount of customers if executed well.

Content First Sales Second
One of the largest problems with using blogs and social media for marketing is being over eager to get a sales message out. When you concentrate on quality content that is relevant and informative then as long as information that can lead people to your sales area is included it has done its job.

Automating Posting
You might think about introducing an automated posting plug in or API that will take the content that is in your blog posting and include a snippet and a link on social media sites. You might want to get your website or SEO professional to set this up for you. They make it simple to distribute when a new blog is posted and you can have more than one setup to cover all of the sites you are targeting.