Turn Visits Into Sales With Video: Introducing The Web Presenter

There are hundreds of ways to improve conversions — and every website converts differently. Years of A/B and multivariate testing by some of the biggest and baddest web design and website SEO groups in the world have unerringly revealed that (surprise!) nothing works well for everyone. Every industry and in fact every individual site has a set of conditions (background color, font color, font size, font family, background graphics, icons, arrangement of text, number of columns, etc. etc. ad nauseum) that works best for it, and those conditions even change over time.

But some things are true more often than others, and one of those nearly universal conditions is the presence of video. Video elements on a website make people pay more attention. It’s a combination of moving visuals, audial interaction, and the promise of information being doled out without any further effort on the surfer’s part, and it draws surfers in.

There are some kinds of videos that convert better than others — and that goes back to being something that works to varying degrees based on the type of website. But few websites should overlook the potential behind a specific kind of video called a web presenter. Web presenters are those pop-up people who smile, gesticulate, and talk to you from within the context of a webpage, outside of the confines of an obvious video box.

Web presenters can be used in a variety of different ways depending on your site and your audience. They can be set up to auto-play after a certain period of time, or they can require manual activation, or they can pop up and start explaining as the user interacts with some other element of the site. They can be set up to be in one place on the page, so as the user scrolls, the web presenter can roll under the fold, or they can follow the user as they scroll, so they’re always on screen.

However they’re set up, web presenters give the website an opportunity to present a human face to the world. They give your website an expression, a voice, and other human elements that websites normally lack — and by doing so, they engage your visitor’s empathy. Done right, that’s a conversion factory waiting to happen.