Tips for Mobile Website Design

If you have a website for your business, then you have half the success, which leaves the other half that you can obtain with a mobile website design. Due to the increase of smartphones and smart electronic accessories, businesses need to have mobile websites as these gadgets are used more than laptops and PCs. The mobile website design is completely different to that of a regular website, which is why you need to go about this a little differently. Two things you need to ensure is the interface is suited for touchscreens and the content loads quickly. Read on and discover some fascinating tips to create a mobile website design, which will help you get a vast amount of visitors.


Tip One

It is important you keep the content both concise and simple. This is because smartphone users are less likely to have patience or the interest to look at extraneous content. It is important you consistently go over your site so any taps or swipes that are not essential can be eliminated. You need to ensure that your mobile site gives users what they are after. This usually includes things like online booking, maps, and contact details, etc. If any useful information is lengthy, you can always redirect the user to your main website.

Tip Two

The second tip is to decrease the number of images you have, as these only take up so much space and are not very useful. You can also decrease the amount of forms that need to be filled out, by limiting the number of fields. This is because smartphone users dislike doing such things on their device due to the small screen and keypad, which results in several mistakes.

Tip Three

Your mobile site must have the same look as your main website. This includes things like the color, etc. and the logo needs to be included somewhere.

Tip Four

Finally, remember to keep enough space between the buttons, as you do not want someone getting annoyed by clicking on the wrong buttons each time. If you wish to increase the clickable area for users, you may also want to make an addition of a certain amount of padding to the buttons.